[NFSMW] Resource Pack by Viper4K

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[NFSMW] Resource Pack

Need For Speed Most Wanted Resource Pack

This is primarily modder's resource library. It will not change anything in vanilla game unless you check add brakes or replace paints or other stuff.

The purpose of this is not only to give more global texture for modders, it is also
to make future mods sizes smaller (because they will not need to include those textures themselves).
This pack will be the dependency tho.


This pack will add 14 FNGFixes for decals, rims, parts, paint, tops and their backroom equivalent. With this, options not showing up will be just a bad memory.
When you map tire to NFS Carbon uv mapping, and assign TIRE_STYLE01.dds to it, Unlimiter's "Tire" option will allow you to change tire style to new ones.
Non-modders can use this feature in my rimpack, as well as my RX8 EC.
Add new brakes mod will add brake options to all cars, however you need to enable brake customization in {nfs mw folder}\scripts\UnlimiterData\_General.ini or {yourcarname}.ini
Add different paints will add custom paints in gloss, metallic and custom category. Add rim paints will do the same to rim paints.
Add new licenseplates will add new licenseplates textures, and options (if chosen).
Add limo tint will add new window tint, that is almost solid (hides interior well).

Now includes r1tavratask1's (Vee's) paints!


use it just like you would use any other global textures/materials.

Normal users:
If you select more tire textures, and you are using any mod that uses TIRE_STYLE01 - you can have more tire textures
If you select more brakes mod, you will have more brakes
If you select replace paint, you will have different paint colors for all the cars
If you select more licenseplates, you will have more licenseplate textures
If you select more licenseplate options, you will have few more licenseplate options (more of the options coming soon)
If you select limo tint, you will have additional window tint option
If you select more rim colors, you will have additional rim colors


User zone installation:
1. click on user mode, then select "Binary Install.end"
2. select nfsmw's installation folder (folder when your nfs's .exe is in)
3. from dropdown menu select install and click ok
4. next few windows will ask you if you want certain things installed or not - it's your choice!
5. when it asks if you'd like to save, hit "yes"

Modder zone installation:
1. in binary, modder zone, hit Main -> Import Endscript
2. then navigate to FILES folder, and select INSTALL.end
3. after installing, save


r1tavratask1 a.k.a. Vee - giving me a learning material, so i can make binary script myself
RisaDriftR - providing some of the paints
frannco1099 - providing some of the textures
EllisRacing - providing some of the textures
Goodboygamer - providing some of the textures
Rigel - providing some of the textures
PedroBLR - providing some of the textures, giving the idea of creating normalmaps
Neon - providing some of the textures

Update 1.1
- added new driver textures
- added few NFS Underground 2 global textures
- added NFS Carbon tire options with tire lettering

Update 1.2
- fixed texture tiling for multiple textures
- more tire textures
- added brake rotors and brake calipers textures
- added normalmap for multiple textures
- added new intercooler textures

Update 1.2.2
- fixed errors caused by .png file that I forgot to delete
- added some textures in preparation for Rimpack's update

Update 1.3
- added few new brake disc textures
- added unbranded caliper texture
- added fngfixes for every fix i know
- nfs carbon tires with lettering are now optional
- new driver textures are now optional
- added brakes mod (optional)
- added new paints (optional)

Update 1.3.1
- merged Vee's paints with my own

Update 1.4
- fixed bugged paints
- new brake option and textures
- added darker tire option (optional)
- added licenseplates textures (optional)
- added licenseplates options (optional)

Update 1.5
- added new custom textures
- added limo tint (optional)
- added new rim paints (optional)
- added new materials
- finished adding new licenseplates options
- added nfs shift textures
- added nfs underground 2 textures and materials
- added nfs carbon textures and materials
- added nfs pro street textures and materials
- added nfs undercover textures and materials
- added gta 5 tank camo
- added csr2 textures
- added grid 2019 textures
- added forza horizon 5 textures
- added juiced 2 textures
- added project cars 1 textures
- added test drive unlimited 2 textures
- added 2 new texture nodes for better management (GRILLES and MATERIALS)
- added new tire options
- added new brake options
- added more fngfixes (for pretty much everything that i could i think)


Viper4K (April 12, 2022 @ 07:53)
sure, i can look into that later

DeviantManturoff (April 11, 2022 @ 10:34)
can you add "Leftover Brakes Fix" mod into this mod? 'cause LBF override "Global Textures Pack" and brakes from it doesn't show

Viper4K (April 10, 2022 @ 09:59)

here's some more text so that nfsmods is fulfilled with their 10 or more characters policy bs

SaberHS (April 09, 2022 @ 05:47)
You can add me btw, since you don't accept messages for people you're not friends with.


SaberHS (April 09, 2022 @ 05:45)
Yeah, other options work, but the only thing that does not work is the brakes option, I can show you the proof on discord.


Uploaded at: October 26, 2021 @ 07:50


f9a15f-[MODDER'S RESOURCE] Global Textures Pack 1.5 FINAL.rar (Size: 13.18MB) Latest Version
d4e70c-[MODDER'S RESOURCE] Global Textures Pack 1.4.rar (Size: 11.62MB) Old Version
ea3e64-[MODDER'S RESOURCE] Global Textures Pack 1.3.1.rar (Size: 4.18MB) Old Version