Need For Speed Remastered by magician57v

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Need For Speed Remastered


Need For Speed Remastered - Improves handling, graphics, pursuit & other gameplay/quality of life features
This is the result of merging my previous mods into easier to manage packages + new features.

Update 1.1 adds the updated Custom Camera Mod V1.2

[Version 1.1]
How to install & use:
1. Download Frosty Mod Manager
2. Download the mod
3. Extract the zip files
4. Open Frosty mod manager > Select NFS16 > Click on import Mod(s) & import the .fbmod files from the downloaded mod zip > Select all Mods > Click Apply Mod(s)
5. Make sure all the mods are ticked in the Applied Mods section > Click Launch Game from Frosty Mod Manager

**[Requires Frosty Alpha 3 or higher]**

Package modules:

1. Remastered Handling Module - Based on Pro Handling Overhaul Package 2.4
Removes assists, improves drifting & overhaul handling, new way to properly disable brake to drift, extended tuning options, overhauled upgrades & more.

2. Remastered Graphics Module - Based on NoFilmicFX + Addons
Removes filmic effects, improves rain & particle effects. Two versions (Perma Night & Regular) - Perma Night has night time on all districts.
[Experimental] Version has denser smoke effects & more sampling for reflections.

3. Remastered Pursuit Module - Based on Buffed Pursuit Mod
Buffs cop performance, increases cop spawn & roadblock probability, improves cop AI, increases fines

4. Remastered Gameplay Module - Based on Custom Camera Mod, Loud Sound Mod & Pro Handling Overhaul Package
Better, closer & tighter close cam, louder sounds with more adjustability, consistent car crashes, removed crash cam, consistent traffic collision, customizable icon cars etc.

5. Remastered AI Module X - [Experimental]
Buffs AI difficulty

Optional Music Mod: Remastered Music Mod

6. Remastered Music Mod - (Warning(!): Mod size>3gb; you may run into loading issues without fast ssd/more ram)
Replaces music with music from HS, HP2, UG, UG2, MW05, CARBON, PS, HP2010, SHIFT2, THERUN & NFS2015. All music are louder as well. Use with the remastered playlist mod.

7. Remastered Music Playlist -
Renames all music to match Remastered Music Mod
New playlists for Garage (76 songs), Freeroam (78 songs), Unruly (55-57 songs), Intense (55-57 songs)


KnockRacer (December 05, 2021 @ 01:16)
Kuru's gonna scream seeing this

ICERIG (November 14, 2021 @ 11:07)
Let's hope Kuru doesn't see this

Forty (November 12, 2021 @ 16:03)
OH NO, here comes the kuru's nightmare

XGAMER (November 12, 2021 @ 13:51)
Nuevas mejoras

magician57v (November 12, 2021 @ 09:34)
If you're reading this, I need someone to showcase the mod in-depth in high-quality. I can barely run the game at 720p30fps so recording in good quality isn't an option for me.
What's in it for you: Nothing really. I will link your showcase video in the description.