Need For Speed Remastered by magician57v

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Need For Speed Remastered


Need For Speed Remastered - Improves handling, graphics, pursuit & other gameplay/quality of life features
This is the result of merging my previous mods into easier to manage packages + new features.

[Version 2.0]
How to install & use:
1. Download Frosty Mod Manager
2. Download the mod
3. Extract the zip files
4. Open Frosty mod manager > Select NFS16 > Click on import Mod(s) & import the .fbmod files from the downloaded mod zip > Select all Mods > Click Apply Mod(s)
5. Make sure all the mods are ticked in the Applied Mods section > Click Launch Game from Frosty Mod Manager

**[Requires Frosty Alpha 3 or higher]**

Package modules:

1. Remastered Handling Module
Removes assists, improves drifting & overhaul handling, new way to properly disable brake to drift, extended tuning options, overhauled performance upgrades & more.
2. Graphics Presets Modules
Removes filmic effects, improves particle effects.
Different TOD & Weather Presets
(Includes Dry Atmos Sound Mod to use with Dry Weather)
3. Remastered Pursuit Module
Buffs cop performance, increases cop spawn & roadblock probability, improves cop AI, increases fines
4. Remastered Gameplay Module
Better, closer & tighter close cam, louder sounds with more adjustability, consistent car crashes, removed crash cam, consistent traffic collision, customizable icon cars etc.

Optional Mods:

5. Remastered Music Mod -
Replaces music with music from HS, HP2, UG, UG2, MW05, CARBON, PS, HP2010, SHIFT2, THERUN, MW12 & NFS2015. All music are louder as well. Use with the remastered playlist mod.
6. Remastered Music Playlist -
Renames all music to match Remastered Music Mod
All music anywhere
7. Tirebomb Mod - Includes Bridgestone, Dunlop, Falken, Pirelli, Idlers, Toyo, Yokohama & Goodyear (Only For Becks Kustoms)


magician57v (March 13, 2022 @ 12:18)
Need For Speed is safe to play with mods online. (don't blame me for unforeseen consequences though!)

Byronic (March 13, 2022 @ 00:36)
Thanks for the quick response! Your mod Presets are awesome. Hard to choose only one. Everytime I start the game I choose another. The handling is so much better now what you tweaked. It was often a game breaker for me with Vanilla handling. Same in Heat or Payback. But now we can finally "race" and have fun. Little side question: Is it safe to play online forced by EA with frosty mods? I wonder because when I play Fifa Frosty modded I usually go offline to avoid ban. Glad to see your pics for an update.

magician57v (March 12, 2022 @ 10:05)
Only apply one graphic preset. You'll have to close the game and apply another to change them. I actually spent quite a lot of time with all of them. I usually prefer to switch them around every time I play. Currently working on the next update, which will also include a few more presets. Here's a preview (early ss):

Byronic (March 12, 2022 @ 05:23)
Looks great on the screenshots. Just wanna ask if I should apply only 1 Graphic Preset fbmod or is it possible to run more at the same time? I would say 1 Graphic Preset is usual, right? If I wanna test some other I must close the game and apply another one?! Which one do you recommend? What is your personal fav?

magician57v (February 13, 2022 @ 12:08)
I initially tried with even lower ride heights, but it caused glitches for some cars - like the baked shadow textures go below the ground or intercept with ground. If you want even lower heights, you can use anti-loser's stance mod. Just choose the ride height module and make sure it sits at the bottom in frosty mod manager