Need For Speed Remastered by magician57v

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Need For Speed Remastered


Changelog 4.01 

1. Enhanced Particle Effects Module - Fixed exhaust effects light glow position. They are now more accurate.
2. Gameplay Module - Removed restriction from hoods, fenders, trunk lids & sideskirts as well.
3. Added new optional settings file (user.cfg) - allowing for tweaking graphics settings beyond available options.

Changelog 4.0

1. Handling & Upgrades Module -
- Further refined handling. Cars now have much more tuning potential.
- More performance upgrade categories & parts (use with Gameplay Module to uncover). [Coilovers , Control Arms & Steering Rack, Engine Displacement, Weight Reduction, Gearbox, Clutch, Forced Induction (More Parts) , Roof (Visual)]
2. Enhanced Particle Effects Module -
- Improved exhaust effects flame base
3. Gameplay Module -
- Fully customizable Ferrari F40 & F458.
- All bodykit parts are now  purchasable as individual parts
- Hidden parts
- Restriction-free spoilers, splitters, canards, diffusers & exhaust parts (Install after other body-parts).
- Purchasable Starter & First Drive Cars.

4. Pursuit Module - Separated Cop Vehicle (Performance & Chassis) buffs from this module as new modules, for better modularity.
- Pursuit Module
- Cop Car Performance Buff
- Cop Vehicle Chassis Buff

Need For Speed Remastered - Improves handling, graphics, pursuit & other gameplay/quality of life features
This is the result of merging my previous mods into easier to manage packages + new features.

More (Pre-release) Screenshots here. [V3.2.2]

[Version 4.01]

How to install & use:
1. Download Frosty Mod Manager (Download latest version from GitHub)
2. Download the mod
3. Extract the zip files
4. Open Frosty mod manager > Select NFS16 > Click on import Mod(s) & import the .fbmod files from the downloaded mod zip > Select all Mods > Click Apply Mod(s)
5. Make sure all the mods are ticked in the Applied Mods section > Click Launch Game from Frosty Mod Manager

**[Requires latest Frosty or higher:]**

Package modules:

1. Remastered Handling & Upgrades Module
Vastly improved arcade handling for each car, extended stance tuning, extended performance & handling tuning options, overhauled performance upgrades & more. Massive improvements to both grip & drift. Now both style are competitive, smooth & fun.

2. Remastered Graphics Preset Packs - Rain Weather & Clear Weather 

Each pack includes - Graphic Preset Modules [Night, Dawn, Dusk, Overcast (rain), Storm (rain) twilight + default preset (rain & clear)];
Graphic Presets - Improves lighting, shadow, reflection, colors etc.
Enhanced Particle Effects - Improves exhaust, smoke, kickup & misc particle effects.
Atoms Sound - Appropriate atmospheric sound for clear weather presets. (Clear weather only)

3. Remastered AI Module
Harder performance-matched AI
Five difficulties: Standard, Definitive, Hard, Master & Mixed

4. Remastered Gameplay Module
Better audio, more wrap slots, better paint sliders, instant crash recovery, customizable icon cars, restriction free & tunable spoilers, and many other features/QoL improvements.

5. Remastered Camera Module
Closer, tighter, better aligned chase camera
Alternate: Camera Module + 4k Wraps

6. Remastered Pursuit Module
Buffs cop  AI, tactics etc.

7. Remastered Cop Car Performance Buff
Buffs cop car performance (separated from previous pursuit module).

8. Remastered Cop Vehicle Chassis Buff
Buffs cop chassis (attacks & resilience) (separated from previous pursuit module).

9. Remastered HQ Driver, Cop + Tire, Brake Disc + Tirebomb + Chassis Textures
HQ Driver + Cop Character
HQ Tire + Brake Disc 
HQ Tirebomb: Includes Bridgestone, Dunlop, Falken, Pirelli, Idlers, Toyo, Yokohama & Goodyear (Only For Becks Kustoms)
HQ Chassis Textures

PLUS, many optional mods - Read (Optional) Readme for all optional/alternate mods.


1. "Attempt to Save Customization Failed" - usually occurs when car has a rated speed above 250mph (400km)
Primary Fix - Retune gear ratio slider all the way to left (short) so that car has speed lower than 250mph. You should be able to customize/tune your car now. Retune gear ratio to your preference afterwards. Always make sure your car has a rated speed below 250mph before customizing.
Other Potential Fixes:  
Fix 2 (for all scenario) - Switch cars/leave & re-enter garage (might not always work)
Fix 3 (for Performance Customization) - Reset Peformance Customization and customize again.
Fix 4 (for Visual Customizatoin) - Reset Visual Customization (including wheels) and customize again.
Fix 5 (for Livery Customization) - Save livery into a new slot 

2. Incorrect Speed Rating - The rated top speed and actual top speed may not match, specially when final drive & gear ratio is tuned to be low/long. Only a minor ignorable issue.

3. "Attempt to Save Customization Failed" (for liveries) - Usually occurs due to increased number of livery slots. Just resave the livery in a new slot to solve the issue.

4. Liveries applied to the wrong car - due to increased number of livery slots, some liveries might get applied to the wrong car.
Fix - Reapply livery/Reapply & save livery to a new slot.


ModdingKitty (April 19, 2024 @ 03:05)
Demo video possible?

Zenki88 (March 25, 2024 @ 23:56)
Man, there's a chance that in the next update of the mod, we can choose how loud the Transmision Whine is? Cuz' man, I liked the detail at 1st, but then started to be kinda annoying, and I still haven't been able to figure out how to do it less noisy with Frosty Editor. Also I hope that you been doing right with everything.

royalrb26 (February 17, 2024 @ 08:21)
I'm trying to download the mod but my pc is detecting a virus. :(

Zenki88 (February 14, 2024 @ 03:31)
Man, I just discovered that some of the Added parts for certain cars doesn't work properly, the parts shows, but is not possible to add to the car. An Example of this are the Carbon Fiber RB 1.0 and 2.0 Spoilers and the GT86 and FRS Parts for the Subaru BRZ. Anyway, about the last mentioned parts, I'd like that the GT86 and the FRS also had more parts, than just converting the BRZ on either of them (Mainly to have an excuse to use both them since those cars didn't and also won't comeback on the newer NFS).

CheetahHunter (February 04, 2024 @ 03:21)
Hi there,

Having an issue where the livery is saved in garage, but dont show when i get outside the garage


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