Better Tire Textures by NFSkuba04

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Better Tire Textures


Better tire textures by NFSkuba04 (Kuba)

I made this, so the tires can match the wheels when they're painted black

Texture imported from NFS ProStreet (TIRE_STYLE01) and TREAD edited by me using

v1.02 - Tweaked the brightness, again. It has to properly match the color this time
v1.01 - TIRE_STYLE01 made slightly darker to match the blackness of the wheels even better

How to install:

1. Get NFS TexEd 1.7 (skip if you have already)
2. Open the program and choose Open then navigate to GlobalB.lzc of your game
3. Locate the TREAD and TIRE_STYLE01 textures (Brotip: try clicking "Name" twice - it'll sort the textures by name from Z to A)
4. Replace the textures with the ones from the mod: you can either choose one at a time (Texture -> Replace after choosing) or choose Texture -> Add/Replace from Folder if you like it quick.
Remember to make backups just in case.
5. Choose File -> Save to save changes (or you can do Ctrl + S)
6. Enjoy your tires matching your black wheels!

Recommended mod to go with this: Viper4K's Rimpack -

-nfsu360 - TexEd 1.7
-DotNet team -
-You - downloading the mod and being awesome regardless

If there's anything to improve, let me know in the comments


ChunKozumee (July 11, 2022 @ 11:15)
I can’t find “TIRE_STYLE01” in GlobalB.lzc