New camaro performance by Hel

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New camaro performance


-Updated KitWheelOffset to make script compatible with recent model update by trackmaniamatt & nlgxzef.
I didnt find any good camaro performance for me , so decided to do my own version. It combines two performances for this car (Vanilla most wanted when stock and carbon like when fully upgraded). Fully upgraded camaro using carbon performance data with some changes. Car still slidy (like classic muscle car should be), but doesnt hit wall when entering turn and doesnt lose all grip. Also it having powerful engine with torque values closer to nfs carbon tier 3 muscle cars when fully upgraded. Top speed of upgraded version - 385 km/h. Car very useful on highway races, when it having impressive time compare with top nfs mw cars.

I recomend to use this with Zvott96 camaro model:

Thanks to Selly for help with title picture.


1) File -> Open -> select your NFSMW installation directory
2) File -> Import -> ModScript -> select camaro(hel).nfsms script
3) Select "Install" option
4) Save.


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