Better Pinkslips Presets by JackJohnson

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Better Pinkslips Presets

This mod improves the pinkslips vastly from original one which is just stock car(that is not what pinkslips supposed to be)

Not only that, i'm also modified 2nd pinkslips racers where they all running with stock upgrades when i scouting around the code to upgraded one

I'm also have optional Better mission presets to apply upgraded on that if you so desire.

The difference from boxout one is:

- The car is no longer using a damageable car on some presets like the audi tt and other stolen car that is damageable(2nd and 4th pinkslip is only the problem that his mod had)
- This mod include the upgrades on the cars
- 5th pinkslip now have the hero cover car in it

- *version 2* Fix some coding error in third pinkslipcarlist where i put (.) and not (,) after the fifth car
- *Version 3* Hero cover car now uses GT2 Performance instead of 911 Turbo
- *Version 3.1* Fix the livery quirks on the fifth pinkslip by using the same livery as the one that she's driven

To install this:

1. Download VltED (Latest version that is available)
2. Extract the archive that you just downloaded
3. Run the VltED
4. Click the file menu and hover to import and select modscript
5. Click the install.nfsms from the archive that you just downloaded on this mod and select the additional option if you want or just leave as it is
6. Save it before exiting the program

NOTE: This will only work on stock version of the game and Reformed 6.0+(5.1 will NOT work)

OFFICIAL SUPPORTED VERSION: STEAM and Retail or can try apply it on others but be warned that it will not work as intended to be)

Important NOTE: Create a new save data it's a must to prevent issues with crashing when it triggers the pinkslip sequence


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Uploaded at: November 21, 2021 @ 00:10


59810b-Better Pinkslip (Size: 5.12KB) Latest Version
adc648-Better Pinkslip (Size: 4.69KB) Old Version
7fe0c9-Better Pinkslip (Size: 4.6KB) Old Version