ProStreet 14th Anniversary Special - Iconic Car/Livery Collection by MgS and many

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ProStreet 14th Anniversary Special - Iconic Car/Livery Collection

Celebrating the 14th year of being one of the best racing games, here, i debute a mod pack which was never a thing for NFS ProStreet, a pack that brings together several iconic and not-so-iconic cars for this much underrated game!

Almost all of them are handmade, due to that, some liveries are still faithful but a very few needed to be improvised, with time and evolution of modding scene this certainly will change.

Everything you need to know about is included in the readme with support to 3 languages!

Appreciate this and don't mind reporting issues and leaving suggestions to this mod!

What changed?

20/12/21 - DEFINITELY fixed S2000 and CC-X-R-GT broken links!

11/12/21 - Just fixed S2000 and CC-X-R-GT broken links.

v1.0.5 (no complete livery review yet)
•Fixed Signal Auto R34 .nfspscd file with Eddie's wrap.
•Added 2 more cars! to give a little taste of what is coming in the next V2.0 update! (see Coming Soon & Custom folders)

-v1.0 - Initial Release

Everyone who helped this mod to exist :

With car mods :
  • AR4I as Archie
  • Michael Werd

With other recommeded and madatory mods :
  • AR4I as Archie : Rims + Seats Pack Mod
  • Eevee as YochiThMaster333 : Vinyl Pack Mod Vol. 1
  • Johnny362000 : Car Trac. Conversions
  • PJ316 : Eleanor RB26DETT Swap
  • ZuraRBX & Ariso : MW Blacklist Racers & P60B40 Swap for M3 E46

With tools :
  • Binary : MaxHwoy
  • Car Customizer : AR4I as Archie
  • NFS Texture & Vault Editor : nfsu360

For everyone who helped alot on the project with tutorials, printscreens and templates for the vinyls :
  • AR4I as 'Archie'
  • GKZadrot as 'Sonick_X'
  • Jule NFS as 'V.K'
  • MightyWolfy
  • NFG

Many others

And you who downloaded this mod.
- MgS


MgS (January 23, 2022 @ 12:00)
(WARNING) Installing ''MW Blacklist Racers'' with the Addon Vinyl Pack is the reason why the vinyl bug i mentioned before happens.
If want to use them together, first restore the original VINYLS folder inside the CARS folder (link in readme)
Open TexEd ADMIN and open the LIVERYTEXTURES.BIN from the MW Blacklist mod, search by car name i.e.: Golf, IS350 [...] select them by checking their boxes then File > Export Checked to a folder.
Open the liverytex.bin from your game then Texture>AddReplace from Folder.

MgS (January 23, 2022 @ 12:00)
@Bastos opa eaí, pois bem até onde sei isso acontece no VltEd quando há arquivos faltando na pasta do jogo OU você não selecionou a pasta principal do game quando o abriu com VltEd (também certifique de usar o VltEd 4.6).
Se caso o problema ainda persistir, pode depender do Sistema Operacional ou de onde você pegou o game e a respectiva versão talvez, mas provavelmente a questão é um dos mencionados acima, tente-as e me conte se deu certo.

Bastos (January 22, 2022 @ 21:46)
Hello MgS, I'm Brazilian so sorry if my english is wrong but anyway, my game is not showing up in NFS Vlted and I'm not able to put the mod, if you can tell me the problem and the solution or make a video about this error I thank you very much

Ariso (December 21, 2021 @ 23:13)
@MgS Thank you very much for fixing adding me In your credits. I appreciate it to hear you reconsidered.

MgS (December 21, 2021 @ 01:06)
And yup, i'm aware of cars which are tied to the Addon Vinyls Pack mod with wrong and bugged vinyls, in V2.0 a list with the correct positions of the vinyls with instructions and support for the 3 languages aswell will be included.


Uploaded at: November 28, 2021 @ 02:45


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