Real AI names (NFS Carbon) by Jonathan6506

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Real AI names (NFS Carbon)

Real AI names (no more racers with alias) - ALPHA version

This mod changes all the AI racers' names (except storyline characters) to real-life first names. A perfect touch if you got bored with racers using only their aliases.

But since it's NFS Carbon, there were also crew members in career mode. They also got real-life first names just like the other racers.

Labrune language editor app


1. Extract the ai names.txt file in the 'Labrune' folder inside the archive to any directory. I would suggest extracting the .txt file to the LANGUAGES folder in your NFS Carbon directory for easier access.
2. Open Labrune
3. Open any of the _Global.bin files using the app. The first name of the _Global.bin file depends on the languages you pick (if you're playing with English language, then open English_Global.bin)
4. Now that you've opened the .bin file using Labrune, go to File -> Import -> Text File
5. Look for the ai names.txt and select said file. Labrune will then import all the entries to the language file.
6. Then go to File -> Save. The file that you need to save and replace depends on what language you pick to play the game. (See step 3)
7. When asked by Labrune to replace the file, click Replace.
8. Start the game and enjoy!

This mod works in all languages and all game versions (Vanilla, Improvement Mod, Ultimate Mod, Endgame, Battle Royale & Redux)

Also: "no more .bin files in the archive?" Well, the answer is that this mod now requires Labrune. Although many players mostly played the vanilla NFSC, there were some who played the Improvement Mod, Ultimate Mod, Endgame, Battle Royale /Redux mod. I made it this way to make the installation easier, and skipping the time to literally edit the .bin files one by one. Also, uploading many .bin files into the archive would make the archive heavy and took a longer time to download.

Known bugs:
There were a few text strings that were broken somehow (it displays DEFAULT STRING for no reason), however the game was still playable (no crashes and stuff). I'm still looking for a way to fix it currently - that's why I currently still made the mod version as 'ALPHA'.

DON'T FORGET TO MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE REPLACING ANY OF THE FILES! Also, do not upload this file to another site without my permission.


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Uploaded at: December 07, 2021 @ 04:49