NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework by Schnitzer Motorsport of Rockport

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NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework

NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework
Presented by Schnitzer Motorsport of Rockport
(Authors and contributors)

This mod overhauls the BMW M3 GTR to be more real-world accurate, and no longer a "Pump Gas Kit Car". This mod improves the GTR with extensive additions of details on the bodykits, wheels, interiors, any details as seen on the real car! More details, download this mod first and you'll see the big change yourself! Now with customization, you can choose how your car looks, MW style or ALMS (real world racecar) style!

Please always check Changelogs below the screenshots to make sure you install updates properly, and not to miss out on something new!

Heavily modified BMW M3 GTR model with customization
Updated, more realistic BMW M3 GTR sound (from my separate mod M3GTR SOUND PACK)

- 2 Body Kits
- 3 Spoilers
- 2 Interior
- 2 Brakes
- 3 Headlights and Brake Lights
- 3 Attachments
- 3 Tire Brands (Visual)


IMPORTANT before install, Backup your GLOBAL, CARS folder before!
Run "Binary Data Install.end" inside the mod files with Binary, then run "NFS Mod Script Install.nfsms" with VltEd.


the real world car

in game interpretation
Schnitzer Motorsports BMW M3 GTR E46 #42

with new interior details

as seen on the real car

heat style customization

old photos by Vee

CHANGELOG (For anyone who actively downloaded this mod from version 1.6 and up, just copy "Binary Files/_Main Files/CARS" into your game files from the mod files, if any new updates don't include Binary based customization/stuff. Found any errors? just reinstall the whole mod by running both scripts inside the files. The car got bugged after reinstall? make a new savegame!)

> Fixed bugged hood, reworked bodykit geometry and some textures
> Added interior details: Exhaust duct, fire suppression system
> Added window air caps from NFS No Limits

-1.8 More Customizations Update #1
(for you who have downloaded v1.7, reinstall the binary script then create new savegame for these to work. also BACKUP your GLOBALB before!)
> New Customizations:
- Brakes #2: Dark rotor with yellow brembo caliper (As seen on actual car)
- Interior #2: Dark blue seats and steering wheel (as seen on actual car)
- Spoilers: 3 spoilers only - Stock, Full Carbon (like in MW12), Paintable (for ALMS style customization)
- Attachments (Decals):
#1 - Castrol and BBS Badging (as seen on poster art of MW)
#2 - "BMW Motorsport", "Original BMW parts" Windshield, spoiler, and lower front bumper decal
#3 - Both of these two
- changed some parts naming, find an easter egg!

-1.7aqf - Quick Fix
> Small geometry fix on the cage, mapping fix on the Heat tail light.

> No Limits Rollcage (For more RL accuracy. If you happen to not like it, simply revert to v1.7's GEOMETRY.BIN. If you have installed v1.7 already, simply replace the GEOMETRY.BIN inside this mod into the game files. (you know where the path goes, lah!)

-1.7 Small Customization Update
>New, much more accurate #42 Vinyl made by Desanosan24.
>Added Bodykits
- Body Stock: Vanilla style
- Body 1: Heat/MW12 style
- Body 2: Schnitzer Motorsport bodykit style with textures complementary to the #42 vinyl.
> Added options to customize Headlights, and Brakelights.
- Stock: M3 LED Brakelight
- Style 1 (OEM): Pre-facelift E46 Brakelight
- Style 2 (NFS Heat): NFS Heat style Brakelight
- Stock: M3 projector headlights
- Style 1 (OEM #1): Pre-facelift
- Style 2 (OEM #2): Le Mans style yellowed

> Simplified installation method. All you have to do to install this mod is to run "Binary Data Install.end" inside the mod files with Binary, then run "NFS Mod Script Install.nfsms" with VltEd.
> New customization option: Tire Textures (Visual)! You can now choose Michelin Slicks or Yokohama A048 Semi Slicks in the visual menu. TIRE_STYLE01 from Carbon is now set as default tire texture.
(Big thanks for Vee!)

> Slightly widened fenders and front bumper, some mapping tweaks. IMPORTANT! For those who downloaded this mod and updating it, REINSTALL the .nfsms modscript to update wheel positioning for the wider fenders!

> T H I C C-ened the rear bumper a bit, as seen on the actual racecar.

> minor poly fix on the front end,
> new interior texture (removed the ac hose)

> Front end overhaul - widened the lower front grille to meet the side air inlets, as seen on the real world M3 GTR. Plus some texture updates (tiny)

> minor fix on the interior

> NEW! rollcage from NFS Heat. Thanks for Aven for reducing the Heat M3 GTR interior to the bare cages, and Edelgaspirat for the Heat model. Roll cages follows body paint with ALUMINUM shader.
> NEW! interior color now follows body paint while retaining the old texture (cuz race car interior is just bare bones, no panels, right?). Thanks to Vee for reordering the texture render order.
> some normal map config fixes

> new spoiler from mw12 with a bit of vanilla
> new mw12 single wiper (to make it more accurate to the real world m3gtr)
> some updates on textures, exhaust heatshield,
> new car bottom texture
> car sound is now changed back to the one from M3GTR SOUND PACK i released for the BMW. plus some small tweaks.

> slightly elevated hood vent fins

> new hood vents from prostreet/undercover/2012 model and renewed the MISC texture specially for the vents
> new gear lever on the interior, taken from assetto corsa

-1.1qf - Quick Fix -
> fixed wobbly decals, thanks to NAMEGG for telling me this
> some model fixes, added proper left door doorline and new body side moulding from Street M3 GTR (the original bsm was weird tho, not being cut to the doorline.
> fixed headlight glass texture.
> added bbs badging to the rims (thanks once again Miner!)
> increased the car sound mod pitch a bit. (reinstall the sound mod to listen the changes made.)

-1.0 - Initial Release

> more customization (get prepared to create more new savegames LMAO)
> model accuracy updates and tweaks

Hit me up for permissions for the featuring/incorporating of this mod into your own on my Discord
KryogenEleven #2129

Special Thanks to Schnitzer Motorsport of Rockport (Author and Contributors):
EA Canada (RIP) - TVR_Cerb sound sample
C0mmunityMiner - car model base
KingSlayer, RTN14 - sound sample
Ariso - Mod title suggestion (LOL)
NAMEGG - wobbly decals fix suggestion
Aven and Edelgaspirat - Heat M3 GTR Roll Cage help
Vee at Discord - Binary tweaks and knowledge
Desanosan - New #42 Vinyl, No Limits M3 GTR model, Binary knowledge


Skull (October 07, 2022 @ 21:14)
For those with low graphics I recommend going to scripts/UnlimiterData/BMWM3GTRE46.ini and set ForceLODA = 0 to 1
The LODs on the car have very narrow fenders and the wheels stick out

Castiel (June 18, 2022 @ 22:22)
the version i want is the NFS HEAT version

Castiel (June 18, 2022 @ 19:02)
Can someone who already has the mod working, can you give me the link to download it? please

Castiel (June 18, 2022 @ 16:10)
when I install the mod, the game just closes, even though I copy the ''_Main'' files, the tire just disappears, what can I do?

VelocityGTR (June 11, 2022 @ 10:17)
Will you make the Carbon version?

Basically the same thing as this, but in Carbon

Uploaded at: December 10, 2021 @ 02:12