NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework by C0mmunityMiner, Kryogen, Kingslayer [LSD]

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NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework

NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework

I love the M3GTR so much, and you surely do as well, don't you?
So i',m glad i am finally releasing this mod for you guys to enjoy.
This mod is made with help from C0mmunityMiner and he permitted me to upload it. This is a puristic model update so there's no customization available for now. Despite puristic though, this car is progressively worked and updated to ensure high realism and attention to detail.

Heavily modified BMW M3 GTR model
Updated, more realistic BMW M3 GTR sound (from my separate mod M3GTR SOUND PACK)

SCREENSHOTS are included in the mod folder.

> T H I C C-ened the rear bumper a bit, as seen on the actual racecar.

> minor poly fix on the front end,
> new interior texture (removed the ac hose)

> Front end overhaul - widened the lower front grille to meet the side air inlets, as seen on the real world M3 GTR. Plus some texture updates (tiny)

> minor fix on the interior

> NEW! rollcage from NFS Heat. Thanks for Aven for reducing the Heat M3 GTR interior to the bare cages, and Edelgaspirat for the Heat model. Roll cages follows body paint with ALUMINUM shader.
> NEW! interior color now follows body paint while retaining the old texture (cuz race car interior is just bare bones, no panels, right?). Thanks to Vee for reordering the texture render order.
> some normal map config fixes

> new spoiler from mw12 with a bit of vanilla
> new mw12 single wiper (to make it more accurate to the real world m3gtr)
> some updates on textures, exhaust heatshield,
> new car bottom texture
> car sound is now changed back to the one from M3GTR SOUND PACK i released for the BMW. plus some small tweaks.

> slightly elevated hood vent fins

> new hood vents from prostreet/undercover/2012 model and renewed the MISC texture specially for the vents
> new gear lever on the interior, taken from assetto corsa

-1.1qf - Quick Fix -
> fixed wobbly decals, thanks to NAMEGG for telling me this
> some model fixes, added proper left door doorline and new body side moulding from Street M3 GTR (the original bsm was weird tho, not being cut to the doorline.
> fixed headlight glass texture.
> added bbs badging to the rims (thanks once again Miner!)
> increased the car sound mod pitch a bit. (reinstall the sound mod to listen the changes made.)

-1.0 - Initial Release

-BMWM3GTRE46 model made with help by C0mmunityMiner.
-C0mmunityMiner: main model with new 3d hood vents, poster art accurate
Castrol SYNTEC and BBS badging, new air hoses, new wheels and brakes model,
NFSUC headlights (later updated by me) and taillights.

-Me: tow hooks, trunk latches, hood locks, and exhaust heat shield taken from
MW12 model, update to the UC headlights with projector units taken from also MW12, some changes to the textures, interior hoses in place of AC (that's weird... AC vents in a race car? so i put that hose onto it and changed the texture.), new tire tread texture from TIRE_STYLE05 in NFSC mixed with sidewall texture from the vanilla GTR, beta front bumpers, rearview mirror model taken from Assetto Corsa GTR model.

PS: Take note that all the new details are exclusive to LOD A.

-PTG-like M3GTR Sound
-KingSlayer for the real life sound sample
-Me for crossfading TVR_Cerbera.gin with the real life sound sample.

Hit me up for permissions for the usage of this mod on my Discord
KryogenEleven #2129

IMPORTANT before install, Backup your GLOBAL, CARS folder before!

Copy and paste CARS and SOUND folder to your game directory
and run VltEd and open the script included in the mod.

Special Thanks:
EA Canada (RIP) - TVR_Cerb sound sample
C0mmunityMiner - car model base
KingSlayer, RTN14 - sound sample
Ariso - Mod title suggestion (LOL)
NAMEGG - wobbly decals fix suggestion
Aven and Edelgaspirat - Heat M3 GTR Roll Cage help
Vee at Discord - Texture render order help


kryogen11 (January 20, 2022 @ 04:12)
anything looked off? tell me! and thanks, it gave me a grin at least :)

VeeTec (January 20, 2022 @ 02:57)
Vee at Discord xd Best M3 GTR improvement mod so far!

NAMEGG (January 02, 2022 @ 03:56)
alright, thank you very much :)

kryogen11 (January 01, 2022 @ 14:15)
nah dude, sorry for the vents, they're final. there's no way to fix that without making those vents lower like they were.

NAMEGG (January 01, 2022 @ 03:50)
dude,the left side of the blade is thick and the right side is thin, can they all be made as thin as the right side ^_^

Uploaded at: December 10, 2021 @ 02:12


0115ca-NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework v1.5c.rar (Size: 38.19MB) Latest Version
29e060-NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework v1.5b.rar (Size: 38.19MB) Old Version
c661fd-NFSMW - BMW M3 GTR Race Version Extensive Rework v1.5.rar (Size: 38.18MB) Old Version