Itashas on Rockport (30 Custom Vinyls Pack) Update by angelomanigan13

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Itashas on Rockport (30 Custom Vinyls Pack) Update


"Your favorite itashas are your racing rival now!"


- All first car of well-known itashas are added as vinyls


- Install Recompiled Vinyls by nlgzrgn (1024x)
- Install the Mod-Unlocked Game Files!4EQTRQDL!7D8WPld3ATn_zyBXGIhHUPcqX4FbVvF1n6qiO_JXHj4
- Download NFS-TexED to add the Vinyls


1. Copy the Recompiled Vinyls and the Mod-Unlocked Game Files to where you have the MW installed
2. Open the NFS-TexED, go to CARS\BMWM3GTRE46 and select Vinyls.bin
3. Look for a texture that you want to change (I recommend you change one of the Blacklist), go to Texture, select Replace and look for the Vinyls that you downloaded, then select them
4. Press Save and that's it, enjoy!


v1.1.2 - Lancer Evolution VIII is Chloe Numbers and Hearts
v1.1.1 - Cobalt SS is Miazo Name Changed
v1.1 - Added 8 Vinyls
v1.0.1 - CTS & Murciélago Vinyls is fixed
v1.0 - Initial Release


nfsu360 - NFS-TexEd
nlgzrgn - Recompiled Vinyls



J4M3SXX019 (December 13, 2021 @ 08:26)
hi kasumi for the 1024x vinyls to work first add the vinyls to any car you want then make a folder called mods then extract the High Quality Vinyls v1.0 to that folder and make sure you put the custom vinyls into that folder then you need to run the game using modmanager v2.1 with the High Quality Vinyls v1.0 box marked with a tick

Kasumi (December 13, 2021 @ 06:22)
J4M3SXX019 I already have 1024 vinyls installed in all cars, so 512 crash the game. I was asking about mod install order since I am currently adding more cars and don't know if vinyls should be installed before or after them.

Xinox (December 13, 2021 @ 03:52)
Hey, Nice Vinyls Btw. I used the mod and shared it to my friends, Thanks! (p.s can you send me your discord? I want to talk something about the vinyls.)

J4M3SXX019 (December 13, 2021 @ 02:38)
hi angelomanigan13 in the latest v1.01 both hd and sd vinyl for the murcielago is just black image if you want me to send the fixed murcielago vinyl i will send it over for you

J4M3SXX019 (December 13, 2021 @ 02:34)
hi kasumi you only need to use the recompiled vinyls for the 1024x1024 the 512 ones you can use without just replace and you dont need to add more cars

Uploaded at: December 12, 2021 @ 00:49


0a1b62-Itashas on Rockport v1.1.2.rar (Size: 14.75MB) Latest Version
dc486f-Itashas on Rockport v1.1.1.rar (Size: 14.75MB) Old Version
575745-Itashas on Rockport v1.1.rar (Size: 14.75MB) Old Version