Mazda RX-7 RZ (Addon) by Hel, Selly

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Mazda RX-7 RZ (Addon)


-Unlimiter V4 support
-Closed headlights option
-Model and textures improvements
-Performance improvements

-Some performance fixes

-Edited brakelights markers.
-Removed sound files (Now you can get it here

-Changed brakelight glass texture (now it is darker and closer looking to real life car), replace geometry and textures if you have older version.
-Added option to install NFS Carbon RX-7 sound. (Small bonus as my apologies for another update) Copy SOUND folder from mod into your game folder. And install rx7_sound_carbon.nfsms in VltEd.

-Now car have own collision (Thanks to KenjaMago for telling me about that bug on my cars)

-Fixed hovering wheels (just install vlt script, if you have older version)

-Removed kit 5 from DBModelParts, that should fix "ghost" random opponents using this car, which may appear.

-Fixed reflection offset position (Sorry for not noticing that small bug before. Hoping that is the last fix for this car).
Just install vlt script if you have older version.

-Fixed decals on LOD B
Have you ever been upset by fact, that mazda rx-7 was nerfed in NFS MW by BlackBox, compare with NFSU titles, where it was really good? Or have you ever wanted right-hand drive rx-7 with open headlights? Or you never liked ugly looking bodykits on it? Anyway, let me introduce you mazda rx-7 rz - limited version with improved handling and acceleration. Car have its own tuning parts and can compete with best NFS MW cars, like Carrera GT and BMW M3 GTR, when fully upgraded.

Mazda RX-7 RZ
Converted from NFS World

By Hel & Selly

-5 Bodykits (Stock + 4 Custom)
-6 Hoods (Stock + 2 Custom and their cf variants)
-Roof Scoops
-Vinyls x512 and x1024 (+ Own debug vinyl)
-Decal numbers
-Vanilla NFS MW Driver
-LODs (A-E)
-Damage (Scratches)
-Own performance data (Based on regular RX-7 performance; Top speed, when fully upgraded -385 km/h)
-Vaniilla quality and HD quality secondary logo

- Download Binary & NFS-VltEd
- Download and install NFSMW Unlimiter
- Open Binary, choose User Mode and select setup_binary.end in mod folder, then select folder with you game
- Choose logo and vinyl quality, then save changes
- Open NFS-VltEd, select the root of the game (File -> Open)
- Then install setup_vlt.nfsms in mod folder (File -> Import -> ModScript)
- Save changes

- Hel - Base conversion, performance
- Selly - UV Mapping, help with decals, driver and license plates position

You free to use it in your mods, just dont edit model without permission and credit authors.


alexdivi96 (December 07, 2023 @ 17:11)
@Hel could you help me?

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Dodge Charger SRT8

MiguelAmancio350zNFSFan (December 22, 2022 @ 19:10)
Should i use this for my NFSMW MiguelAmancio Version? (i'll give credit)

Xinox (January 18, 2022 @ 23:22)
@Kasumi, the MR Global Resources adds the addon colors.
which is, can be found here:

Kasumi (January 18, 2022 @ 15:01)
I had a repack that added one purple pearlescent color as #41 in Custom colors but no idea what mod that came from and if I can add more. I mean, we can probably just port ones from Carbon and adjust some values in the process, I just have no idea what file tells game to list all files... I did find a mod that changes all color parameters to shinier but that's it!

Hel (January 18, 2022 @ 08:57)
@Kasumi I dont know any mod which adds addon colors, but it will be nice, if it would exists.


Uploaded at: December 18, 2021 @ 08:17