BMW M3 E92 (Addon) by Hel, Selly

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BMW M3 E92 (Addon)


-Unlimiter V4 support
-New bodykit (1)
-Model and textures improvements
-Performance improvements

-Some performance fixes

-Changed tire material (For those who doesnt have custom global resources) to fix invisible tires.

-Now car have own collision (Thanks to KenjaMago for telling me about that bug on my cars)

-Fixed hovering wheels (just install vlt script, if you have older version)

BMW M3 E92
Converted from NFS World

By Hel & Selly

-4 Bodykits (Stock + 3 Custom)
-2 Hoods (Stock + Stock CF)
-Roof Scoops
-Vinyls x512 and x1024 (+ Own debug vinyl)
-Decal numbers
-Vanilla NFS MW Driver
-LODs (A-E)
-Damage (Scratches)
-Own performance data (Top speed, when fully upgraded -389 km/h)

- Download Binary & NFS-VltEd
- Download and install NFSMW Unlimiter
- Open Binary, choose User Mode and select setup_binary.end in mod folder, then select folder with you game
- Choose logo and vinyl quality, then save changes
- Open NFS-VltEd, select the root of the game (File -> Open)
- Then install setup_vlt.nfsms in mod folder (File -> Import -> ModScript)
- Save changes

- Selly - UV Mapping, decals, driver and license plates position
- Hel - Base conversion, performance

You free to use it in your mods, just dont edit model without permission and credit authors.


Selly (December 13, 2023 @ 07:32)
KennedyBritoKop, There is a note in each modification from Hel and me: You free to use it in your mods, just dont edit model without permission and credit authors.

KennedyBritoKop (December 03, 2023 @ 00:08)
Hello buddy, I liked your mod, I think it's really good, would it be possible for you to allow me to use it in my new nfsmw "modpack" where I kind of make the game more modern, would it be possible for me to use it by giving your credits in the trailer? description too?

alexdivi96 (July 05, 2023 @ 22:31)
@Hel because you can try all cars mods nfsmw and NFS Undercover?

Antonio (March 04, 2023 @ 04:57)
Any possibility of a Replace method for BMWM3 (base E46)?

Serhtwia (January 06, 2022 @ 18:35)
when the car is at the dealer it looks like the right rear wheel is flat, can you take a look and fix it?


Uploaded at: January 03, 2022 @ 08:48


12725b-BMW_M3_E92.rar (Size: 19.43MB) Latest Version
c56a79-BMW M3 E92 (By Selly & Hel).rar (Size: 28.74MB) Old Version
2d1e13-BMW M3 E92 (By Selly & Hel)_Final_Fix.rar (Size: 28.74MB) Old Version