Need For Speed Carbon Ultimate Mod by RaTT

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Need For Speed Carbon Ultimate Mod

NFS Carbon Ultimate Mod
Version 1.6.3

Greetings! This mod is greatly inspired from NFS Carbon Improvement Mod by the Improvement Mod Team.

It aims to enhance NFS Carbon's gameplay by adding new features to it.

WARNING! This mod does not support Improvement Mod nor any game language aside from English.

WARNING! Please download and install the new NFS Carbon Unlimiter update by nlgzrgn for better experience, an update with this version will come soon.


Many changes are done to the game, They will be explained simply as follows:

  • MW-like Performance Upgrades, resulting in a major gameplay change.
  • Added +40 new Challenges to the Challenge Series with unique rewards.
  • Added +10 new cars and restored some cut cars.
  • Custom cars are now unlockable offline, upgradeable and obtainable in Career Mode.
  • Added new Car sounds from NFS Underground 2, NFS MW and NFS Prostreet.
  • Extended Career Mode, making the total races in career mode to up to more than 90 races.

Changes in detail are presented in the Readme.txt thats followed with the mod.


To Install the mod, Get the latest version of VLTEd.
Open VLTEd, then import the modscript in file -> Import -> Modscript,
Click on Install and save changes afterwards.

You must create a new savegame in order for some mod changes such as new cars to take place.

To Restore your modded game back to vanilla, click on Game -> Restore Backup after you have installed the mod.

The following modded files are compatible with both Ultimate Mod and vanilla NFS Carbon so if you want to just restore
the game's attributes and gameplay, you don't need to restore them:
- GLOBAL\GlobalB.lzc
- FRONTEND\FrontB1.lzc
- LANGUAGES\English.Global.bin

However, if you wish to do a full backup restoration, Backups of these files have been already created once installing
the mod as .bak files.

The Choose your Starter script is for when you have already installed the mod and you want to change the starters again to
avoid reinstalling the mod all over again just to change the starter cars.

- How do I install this mod? What am I supposed to do with a .nfsms?
- Refer to the installation guide.

- Why does file_copy errors appear?
- Run VLT-Ed as administrator and install again

- I installed the script, Why did nothing changed in-game?
- Save the changes in VLT-Ed

- Why does "An Error occured while saving. The changes could not be saved" appear when I try saving the changes?
- Make sure VLT-Ed is in administrator mode and make sure your game is closed.

- Why does my game crash when I pick a starter car?
- Disable ShowAllCarsInFE in ExOpts then make a new save game.

- Why does my game crash when I buy a car?
- Disable ShowAllCarsInFE in ExOpts then make a new save game.

- I installed the mod correctly, but why aren't the cars there?
- Make a new save game.

- Why are the added Challenge Series locked?
- Make a new save game.

- Why is Kenji's boss race not showing?
- It is there. It's just hidden because the mod adds races and doing so results in some races disappearing, one of them is Kenji's boss race. All you have to do is go to the World Map, select Quick List, then Press 1 until where it said All Areas changes to the region the missing race is at. In this case, its Downtown for Kenji's Boss Race

- I'm using a Spanish copy of Carbon, why is the text missing on some cars/races?
- This mod only works on english.

- Why doesn't this mod work with Improvement Mod/Endgame Mod/(any other global mod)?
- Support for that has not yet been developped.

- Why does my game crash when I load an alias?
- You don't have a CrashFix for that, get Carbon ExOpts or get Widescreen Fix for Carbon and turn on CrashFix in the ini.

  • Improved the Career mode's progression system.
  • Conquering the least amount of races to conquer 1 or 2 turfs will unlock races for the next one(s).
  • Now only Diamond Hills' races will be unlocked before races in Starlight Strip & Neon Mille.
  • Added some missing barriers to Challenge 60: Gold Checkpoint Challenge.
  • Buffed the BMW M3 E46.
  • Nerfed the Corvette C6 & Chevrolet Camaro SS.
  • The Eclipse GS-T now has a different Pro Package Engine sound.
  • Added 2 Post-Career races.
  • Fixed University Avenue and Hills Borough Parkway, ok for real this time xd.
  • Added an optional feature to enable Nikki's Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cars.


-VLT(Attributes & Gameplay) Editing
-GlobalB Editing
-Strings Adding & Editing

-NFS VLTEd 4.5 & 4.6
-NFS Hasher v2.0

Maël Hörz:

-MURCIELAGO_2, ZONDA_2, CCX_2, 997GT3RS_2, MUSTANGSHLBYN_2, CAMARON_2 preset skins to preset cars
-Helping me with adding cars to Carbon, and loads of other things I learnt from him.

-Let's Convert a NFS Car series
-NFS Carbon Unlimiter
-NFS StringEd

GXP-10 :

Zmudsonnfs :
-MW A124 Car sounds to Carbon

Miles (Dipper):
-Bug reporting assistance.

And you:
-For Playing this mod



senpaidarken (March 08, 2021 @ 17:53)
Nevermind, just a very stupid question from myself, I did it manually.

senpaidarken (February 08, 2021 @ 18:39)
I just noticed that "extended cross chase" feature isn't available on Ultimate Mod. How to do that manually (without Improvement Mod)?

ALi (February 02, 2021 @ 05:36)
Can I send you an email?
I can give your 2003 Saleen s28 a nice Chrome taillight but I need permission

ooon001ooo (July 26, 2020 @ 04:01)
The porsche carrera s custom spoilers needs a little bit of adjustment it like its flowing on the air.

KingDavid2000 (May 12, 2020 @ 14:43)
Doesn't wipe out every other New addon?

Uploaded at: January 12, 2018 @ 17:07


127ec2-NFSC Ultimate Mod Download Link.rar (Size: 266 bytes) Latest Version
db5b24-newer download link.rar (Size: 265 bytes) Old Version
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