Need For Speed Carbon Ultimate Mod by RaTT

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Need For Speed Carbon Ultimate Mod

NFS Carbon Ultimate Mod
Version 1.6

Greetings! This mod is greatly inspired from NFS Carbon Improvement Mod by the Improvement Mod Team.

It aims to enhance NFS Carbon's gameplay by adding new features to it.

WARNING! This mod does not support Improvement Mod nor any game language aside from English.


Many changes are done to the game, They will be explained simply as follows:

- MW-like Performance Upgrades, resulting in a major gameplay change.
- Added +40 new Challenges to the Challenge Series with unique rewards.
- Added +5 new cars and restored some cut cars.
- Custom cars are now unlockable offline, upgradeable and obtainable in Career Mode.
- Added new Car sounds from NFS Underground 2, NFS MW and NFS Prostreet.

Changes in detail are presented in the Readme.txt thats followed with the mod.


To Install the mod, Get the latest version of VLTEd.
Open VLTEd, then import the modscript in file -> Import -> Modscript,
Click on Install and save changes afterwards.

You must create a new savegame in order for some mod changes such as new cars to take place.

To Restore your modded game back to vanilla, click on Game -> Restore Backup after you have installed the mod.

The following modded files are compatible with both Ultimate Mod and vanilla NFS Carbon so if you want to just restore
the game's attributes and gameplay, you don't need to restore them:
- GLOBAL\GlobalB.lzc
- FRONTEND\FrontB1.lzc
- LANGUAGES\English.Global.bin

However, if you wish to do a full backup restoration, Backups of these files have been already created once installing
the mod as .bak files.


-VLT(Attributes & Gameplay) Editing
-GlobalB Editing
-Strings Adding & Editing

-NFS VLTEd 4.5 & 4.6
-NFS Hasher v2.0

Maël Hörz:

-MURCIELAGO_2, ZONDA_2, CCX_2, 997GT3RS_2, MUSTANGSHLBYN_2, CAMARON_2 preset skins to preset cars
-Helping me with adding cars to Carbon, and loads of other things I learnt from him.

-Let's Convert a NFS Car series
-NFS Carbon Unlimiter
-NFS StringEd

GXP-10 :

Zmudsonnfs :
-MW A124 Car sounds to Carbon

Miles (Dipper):
-Bug reporting assistance.

And you:
-For Playing this mod


juankatellito (November 01, 2018 @ 22:40)

It's true I'm with Google translator disulpa I'm from Ecuador and I do not have very fluent English that we say I hope you understand. But if I would like those races that you have in your mod to appear with extra options in fast race mode because those are in the challenge mode and I do not know if you can add the last 3 tracks of the challenge mode that are the race war, your mod it's super good congratulations greetings. I hope you understand..

RaTT (October 31, 2018 @ 05:56)
for the CTS, the game shouldn't close when buying it in career mode,
and UnlockAllThings will work anytime as long as your game opens
for the tracks, i couldn't fix that, so try to use the quick list and search for those disappearing races as they should be there
also i see you're using google translate ;)

juankatellito (October 30, 2018 @ 22:13)

over the 3 control tracks are enabled 2 the dowtonw does not exist, 2 controls disappear from the race mode, the stars are on the map but the location is not found and after entering the game closes, at least solves the control of dowtown since you can not challenge Kenji because that territory only has 2 tracks, the canyon and the control, or better because you do not make those 3 tracks appear only in fast race

juankatellito (October 30, 2018 @ 20:35)

a question because it replaces the ambulance CTS? What happens is that you get the CTS and make changes in geometry and textures the ambulance disappears from the traffic and when you go to the dealer the CTS goes with the ambulance and after buying the game closes. Another UnlockAllThings can not be opened with this mod especially when you want to play career mode at the time of choosing the car for the demonstration race the game is closed and that a new game is created.

RaTT (October 23, 2018 @ 05:16)
idk what you're talking about, i just made a test run with the is300 and gto, with both stock and fully tuned, definetly found a bug in is300 only having 5 gears in tuned transmission so fixed that but i really don't think gto has anything wrong with its top speed being increased only by engine and transmission, i mean yeah those are the only ups that increase top speed with a little bit of a forced induction

Uploaded at: January 12, 2018 @ 17:07


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652227-updated download link.7z (Size: 301 bytes) Old Version
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