Shelby GT500 [Add-On] by NFS2019

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Shelby GT500 [Add-On]


Convert from: Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: ProStreet
-Front Bumpers
-Rear Bumpers
-Roofs Scoops
-Side Mirrors
-3 Wide Body
-Roll Cages
-Custom Gauges
-Window Tint
-Headlight Color
-NOS Purge

V1.0 [1/14/2022]

-Binary 2.8.3
-NFSU2 Unlimiter with Extra Customization
-NFSU2 Car Sound Tuner

Binary 2.8.3 by maxhwoy
NFS CarToolkit 3.1 by nfsu360
NFSU2 Unlimiter V3 by nlgxzef (nlgzrgn)


razor77 (February 20, 2022 @ 23:51)
Hey, can you let me use this car in a remaster we're creating of nfsu2? I want to give you credit for that of course.

LimauBRU (January 17, 2022 @ 10:26)

Please Install ".NET Desktop Runtime (86x Required)"

chiwie (January 15, 2022 @ 15:28)
for me it displays 4 error in Binary, can you help ?

Uploaded at: January 14, 2022 @ 04:19