Relentless Cops (Rivals) by JackJohnson

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Relentless Cops (Rivals)

Even though the cops in rivals are already relentless, how about even more. So this mod is created

This is the Trailer of what it's like. It may or may not be like this at times cause the cops tend to crash or spin out and not keeping up with you for long which tells something about risk and reward elements.

- Cop cars that will be chasing you is now variant from Regular to Enforcer unit(not all of it, but only on some cars)
- Increase Police unit on all of heat levels ranging from low quantity to high quantity on max heat level(max 7 units)
- Pursuit weapons are now variety like turbo(yes, you're right, racer weapon on cops was possible) for brutal ramming to the racer or keeping up(at least it tried), jammer(think about that) and other stuff
- Faster cooldown time about 11 seconds(Didn't affect the cop faction tho, only the racer faction) due to risks and rewards mechanics, so long cooldown time doesn't belong in this game
- Modified Cop personality for more aggression
- Increase the prices for upgrading the cars because it's easy getting high speedpoints in racer faction than it was on cop

Be warned that this is my first frosty mod ever created so any download and testing is appreciated. If there is any problem, just post it and see what i can do about it.

There is 2 version inside:

- File Replace Version(32-bit version will worked if you used this one)
- Frosty Mod Manager Version(Only works in 64 bit version)

Steps for File Replace Version:

Copy the UPDATE folder inside that extracted directory to the Game directory and that was it

The positive of using the file replace version is you can launch it directly on the executable, No software was needed next time you want to play again.

Steps for Frosty Mod Manager Version:

1. Download Frosty mod manager on the official website
2. Extract the downloaded archive to somewhere
3. Double Click the main executable
4. Click New and then point to the NFS Rivals x64 Executable on the game directory(x86 did NOT work) and select it
5. Double click the profile that frosty detected it
6. Click Import Mod and then select NFSR_Relentless_Cops.fbmod
7. Select the mod under Available Mods section and then click Apply Mod
8. After that, you just had to launch the game and the mod will be applied

NOTE: Next time you want to play with that mod you had to use that program again, launching directly through executable will NOT do because the software doesn't applied on the game directory at all, instead it was on the separate ModData Directory.

Build it on Frosty Editor Rivals 1.4 Complete Edition

Have fun and i hope you don't rage it out


KarimKane (January 15, 2022 @ 05:18)
Interesting Mod But I keep crashing sometimes maybe a bug like everytime i reach heat 5 the game crash

Uploaded at: January 14, 2022 @ 14:43