Opel Astra Touring Car livery by KenjaMago

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Opel Astra Touring Car livery

Opel Astra Touring Car livery by KenjaMago
available on both 512px & 1024px

The Legendary Opel DTM is now revived as custom livery for Opel Astra OPC X-Treme

This vinyl is made for Goodboygamer's Opel Astra OPC X-Treme, you can download the car with the links down below
and i also made the version for Pepega V2, since it had a completely different UV mapping compared to the original one

Things you need for installation :
- NFS-TexEd 1.7
- Latest version of NFS MW Recompiled Vinyls
- a proper working brain

Installation :
- Install the car mod first (In case for the Pepega mod, you can safely skip this)
- Extract the zip files somewhere that you can actually remember (like in the desktop)
- Open NFS-TexEd, find the desired car folder & open the VINYLS.bin (CARS\ASTRAXTREME)
- Pick which version & resolution you want to choose (Vanilla or Pepega & 512px or 1024px. As for Pepega Legacy V1, use the Vanilla one)
- Replace one of the vinyls that you want to replace (Ex : CONTEST01, CONTEST02, etc)
- Don't forget to replace the MASK too (make sure that you choose the correct resolution for the mask. Like if you use 512px version of the vinyl, use the 512px one)
- Replace it & don't forget to save it
- Run the game, find the car, apply the vinyl, & enjoy

Tools Used :

- Paint.net

- NFS-TexEd 1.7

Some reminder :
- If you're using the 1024 version of the vinyl, make sure that EVERY OTHER VINYLS ON ALL OF THE OTHER CARS ARE 1024 as well. Otherwise the game will crash
You can search for the latest version of NFS MW Recompiled Vinyl for the vanilla/1024x Vinyls for Pepega Edition by SpazJR61 for the Pepega mod & download + install the 1024 one first, then you can use the 1024 version of this vinyl
- Don't forget that you have installed the correct version of the vinyl, otherwise the vinyl will look too fucked up (Different UV mapping like i said before)

Credits :
- Goodboygamer (for Opel Astra OPC X-Treme)
- nfsu360 (for NFS-TexEd)
- nlgzrgn (for 1024px recompiled vinyls)
- SpazJR61 (for 1024 Pepega vinyls)


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