NFS Heat Revised Visuals - Original Artstyle (Beta 2) by Konix_PY & elaymm4

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NFS Heat Revised Visuals - Original Artstyle (Beta 2)

Revised Visuals - Original Style (Public Beta 2)
-This mod aims to have visuals that are a mix of trailers and the final game. More so to add to the experience without changing the art style of the game much if at all.
-Mostly general changes to lighting, night shadows and optimizations for them.
-It also has some particle effects changed, mainly the stock backfire, it also has a separate set of nos and backfire, they replace the blue and coral colors respectively (blue nos is the same color as stock, coral backfire uses most files for red backfire)
-The mod is visuals only; no changes to physics, audio, cops, etc.
-It doesn't replace or remove any of the original art of the game; billboards, banners, and all else.

Be sure to report crashes or bugs to me, or changes to the gameplay from vanilla

Thanks to 7ndrew and his Ultra+ Graphics mod which gave me the initial idea for the mod.
Thanks a lot to elaymm4 for providing heat roboto which was used as base for this mod's visual presets.

Public Beta 2;

-Fixed an issue that made Planar reflections not render at all.
-Tweaked 30 different collission particles;
Sparks actually cast lights.
Bottoming out on dirt also stops casting sparks.
Generally reduced the obsessive amount of particles spawned.
Minor fixes with their rendering. (Some of them were pitch black in vanilla)
-Tweaked all Smoke particle to give them a slight 3D effect
-Tweaked some particles related to race start just to give them a bit more flare
-Tweaked all particles related to the forest fire area so it actually looks like a forest fire
-Fixed an issue that'd make the game render distance go to 1/10 of vanilla at times.
-UI Items scroll much faster.
-Reworked the lighting on cars again.
-Fixed a vanilla issue that the F40 had with it's lens flares on the stock headlights.


ZephyrAhmed19 (July 11, 2022 @ 18:18)
I just wanted to say this: please upload another version with dynamic shadows off. cause it reduces a lot of fps with these street lamp light shadows. with turning it off, i can finally play it in my potato pc :) cheers!

ThePredatorIT (May 15, 2022 @ 11:41)
I'll start from saying that i have UNITE along with this mod. Basically what i get is different from screenshots or the video GeeserBeam made to showcase the mix: in the day my sky looks dark brown for the midday time. The other two, which are cloudy day and sunset are looking good, but brighter than they should, In the night i keep having a fog all the time and it doesn't look like midnight at all, it's like is 7 pm, after the sunset. I don't know if this is intentional, but everything looks too bright

httpscakes (March 05, 2022 @ 15:58)
perfect mod!! i love it! great job!
it would probably be one of the best mods if the hidden customization (i.e the 350z's hidden body kids) would be revealed. Love it!!

ProvenFlawless (February 23, 2022 @ 08:02)
@KonixKunKonixKun Yes, where it rains all the time. The puddles, the droplets on the screen, everything. At night. Only at night.

KonixKun (February 22, 2022 @ 13:17)
ProvenFlawless, you mean it so it rains at all times? like proper rain with all the puddles and rain drops and so on? Both day and night?