Koenigsegg Jesko (2020) by NFSLYY

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Payback

Koenigsegg Jesko (2020)

NFS MeshSet Editor Plugins by Brawltendo#1819 (Discord) and GalaxyMan2015.

Model is extracted from Real Racing 3. Replace the BMW M2.

This MOD provides:
  • Koenigsegg Regera Engine Sound
  • Remove vehicle damage effect
  • New Engine Data
  • The Highway Heist Mission
  • Car select image, car name and badge change.

If you want to use it with other mods, put this mod below every other mods in "Applied Mods".


nitewolfetx (August 22, 2022 @ 21:48)
when i try to buy it says purchase failed.

tsu (February 22, 2022 @ 23:54)
cant wait for more like this

GrabussPC (February 21, 2022 @ 16:37)
amazing mod!

Uploaded at: February 21, 2022 @ 09:56