LOADING SCREEN BETA by STAMP05,SoundBarrier and Spaghetticus

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)


MADE BY:Stamp05

MOD MADE BY: Stamp05 (with help from SoundBarrier)
this mod restores the start video and the "press a key" screen
the images and videos were poor from the version of "GELDY"

how to install?
-file "BNDL" :
go to game directory go to UI>SCREENS2>paste and replace
"VP6" files:
go to game directory go to UI>MOVIES>paste and replace
Change Log:
1.1: the logo that obstructed the image was removed
updated the videos to be more comfortable
the "CRITERION GAMES" logo was added at the beginning
THANKS to SoundBarrier for helping me with the VP6
-I will be working on this mod to improve it and make the logos at the beginning more HD

I was able to convert the .avi file to vp6 (thanks Sound Barrier)
-update 2.0
added a better version of the start of "EA" "CRITERION GAMES"
Pavtube deleted xd

-video for "EA" and "CRITERION GAMES" was upscaled to HD
-added "read me" file

UPDATE 2.2!:
the white bar has been removed!
(thanks to Spaghetticus for helping me)


needforspeed12345 (September 25, 2022 @ 22:37)
https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxgEwVfUihB0JOBtzZuHOz-W7p__S_qylQ the game has sound, anyone have the sound version?

Stamp05 (September 18, 2022 @ 22:05)
thanks friend I appreciate it (sorry for the delay in responding)

M3GTR (September 14, 2022 @ 11:06)
Well done on removing the white bar, looks really good

Stamp05 (July 16, 2022 @ 17:30)
yes, I know, the videos were transferred with their original resolution, I did not convert it, that's why they look like this
but thanks

LoodyGawra (July 16, 2022 @ 17:14)
i dont know if quality got worse with all the conversion stuff or whatever but, i do have sven build and both criterion and ea logo vp6's seem pretty nice and high quality, ive uploaded them on my cloud so you can check it out, maybe youll find it useful.. heres the link bud and thx for the mod

Uploaded at: February 22, 2022 @ 15:01


20fa18-LOADING SCREEN 2.2.rar (Size: 12.54MB) Latest Version
c21362-LOADING SCREEN 2.1.rar (Size: 12.81MB) Old Version
9e86d6-MOD LOADING SCREEN 2.0.rar (Size: 12.25MB) Old Version