Volkswagen Golf GTI HD Overhaul by EllisRacing

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Volkswagen Golf GTI HD Overhaul

Update 7/2022: Updated website link

2005 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5
Mod by EllisRacing for NFSMW

For more info:
YouTube Showcase
Website Blog Post


- New, higher-quality model & textures
- New body kits
- Some extra customization parts for spoilers, wheels, and hoods
- NFSUC driver model

v0.1 - Patreon Test release
v1.0 - Initial release (current)
- 2 new kits
- 4 new wheels
- 3 new spoilers
- Material/texture/shader configs for various parts, such as headlights
- Wheel fitment (thanks Felixeur!)
- Some model parts
- disappearing body parts issue should now be solved

Things I'm aware of
- LODA only
- No damage textures (may add in the future)
- New savegame required (working on dealing with this when the modpack as a whole is released)
- Less hoods (Wanted to focus on the less ricey options. Removed from DBModelParts, so there will not be any invisible parts.)
- No text strings for new parts, debug name used instead (will also be dealt with when whole modpack is released)

Future plans
- replace vanilla roof scoop options
- replace vanilla spoiler options
- extended customization options



Mod Dependencies:
MW Global Resource Pack by Viper4K:

Tools needed:
Binary -
VLTed -

1) Make sure you have the mod dependency above installed
2) Install the GTI end script using "User" mode in Binary
3) Install the GTI modscript using VLTed
4) Create a new save game


Erce (July 16, 2023 @ 19:11)
How dare you change Sonny's bodykit Ellis.

ICERIG (July 11, 2022 @ 11:56)
The golf is better

kryogen11 (February 24, 2022 @ 23:22)
great! but plz add damage scratches soon...

Niga619 (February 24, 2022 @ 22:30)
Nice to see you again with a new work


Uploaded at: February 24, 2022 @ 03:07