NFS Underground 2 garage mod by Terminator_Vasya

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NFS Underground 2 garage mod

Mod contains: Plak graphics version, normal version, readme.txt file

First two screenshots - Plak Graphics, Second 2 - Normal no yellow filter, third 2 - Normal game


1. Download and install / Update NFSMW Front-End Shadows by Aero:
2. Extract PlatformCrib.BIN to NFSMW game directory/FRONTEND/PLATFORMS
3. Run the game, no matter if you use ModLoader or not

It is necessary to use NFSMW Front-End Shadows to not have some graphical issues when the car is yet to be loaded.

Here two vesions: For Plak graphics and for normal version of the game.

Missing buildings on the background.
If you got Plak graphics, Skybox will looks a little weird.
When it's night in plak graphics garage looks very dark

To fix blue textures bug you need set high texture filtering in the game

Tools used:
Zmodeler 2.2.3
Binary 2.8.3
Adobe photoshop
3d Ripper DX
ASC's special mwgc file

ASC - for making special mwgc exe file
Adobe - Adobe Photoshop
Magnisimus - posted on WE discord server DDS plugin for photoshop
Roman Lut - for making 3d Ripper DX
Nfsu360 - for making TexEd
MaxHwoy - for making Binary
Oleg Melashenko - for making Zmodeler
Terminator_Vasya (me :P) - for ripping garage model and converting this garage

Sorry for bad english, because I'm russian.

(Now mod have readme.txt file)


TerminatorVasya (March 09, 2022 @ 16:28)
@Ed95 That's my first garage mod.

Ed95 (March 03, 2022 @ 13:22)
Tremenda cagada
-10/10 y zzz


Uploaded at: February 24, 2022 @ 20:53