NFSC Full HD Videos by Madevi

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NFSC Full HD Videos


Videos from the PS3 version (HD 720p) upscaled to Full HD 1080p with AI.

Resolution of videos in the original PC version is 1024x512 with black borders. At the same time the PlayStation 3 version has 1280x720 resolution (1920x1080 for some videos) and the highest bitrate of videos among all platforms.
The modification is based on the videos of the NTSC version (30 FPS).

Audio is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Russian.


1. Remember how the file names in your MOVIES folder end (e.g. 'french_pal')
2. Delete all files from your MOVIES folder
3. Open cloud storage link, that you downloaded from this page
4. Download files from the !Common Movies folder and put them to your MOVIES folder
5. Download files from the folder with the desired audio language and put them to your MOVIES folder
6. In order to rename VP6 files for your game localization, run the proper bat file (e.g. !English NTSC to French PAL.bat for the Europe French version)
7. Install the Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG and Aero
8. Open NFSCarbon.WidescreenFix.ini and set FMVWidescreenMode = 2
9. Enjoy!


Bonus Videos

1. 2005 EA Logo instead EA HD Logo
2. Melody (Yumi) Public Service Announcement (English audio, subtitle support)
3. Xbox 360 Demo Intro (English & French audio, subtitle support)


Serhtwia (March 24, 2022 @ 17:12)
Turkish audio please

Madevi (March 24, 2022 @ 08:44)
I uploaded the mod to OneDrive (but it requires authorization into MS account to download folders).

senpaidarken (March 23, 2022 @ 19:43)
@Carbon075 Try using a VPN?

Madevi (March 23, 2022 @ 07:43)
I'll see what I can do about it. In order to download Common movies and one language, the quota should be enough.

Carbon075 (March 23, 2022 @ 06:44)
Is there some other website you could upload the files to? The current one says I've "exceeded my download quota" and refuses to let me download the files without buying a subscription service.

Uploaded at: February 26, 2022 @ 07:45