NFS MW - HQ Window Decals by Ariso

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NFS MW - HQ Window Decals

You can get it from here:

UPDATE (small fix): June 12, 2022
Fixed a naming mistake to JIC MAGIC that wouldn't replace the original texture.

These textures have NOT been upscaled with AI nor filtered through Photoshop.
A small part of these textures have been found and re-used in NFS:Carbon and ProStreet as vectors.
Rendered In 1024x resolution or faithfully remade using vector/raster assets from various sources.
The end result gives a resolution boost to all the decals used in the game, from 256 to 1024.

Always backup your files before replacing them.

1.Install Unlimiter by nlgzrgn.
2.Download latest version of Binary
3.Lunch Binary and select "User Mode".
4.Open 'Binary_Data_Install.end file' with Binary and follow the instructions.
5.Binary may appear to freeze. Give it time to complete the Installation.

- Initial release

V1.1 (hotfix(es):
- Now the mod can run with both 512x and Xbox360 1024x vinyls.
(Thanks to Vee and KenjaMango for helping me)

- All textures now use mipmaps.
- Small edits to a few decals for more accuracy.

- Turbonetics, Powerslot, and Koni have been remade and now are much more accurate to the vanilla textures!
- 8+ Cut Decals from the final game have been restored and remade in HQ.

V3 (hotfix(es):
Fixed a small mistake in the Binary script that broke the mod, sorry about it :(
Thanks to _ShigureHS for telling me about it and even fixing it for me.
This is a quick hotfix for now, but soon I'll release a bigger update.

- Extreme Motorsports have been faithfully remade with more accuracy!
- Edited Fastbrakes for better accuracy to the vanilla texture.
- Extreme Dimensions now is less blurier and more sharper as intended.
- Matrix Racing, Rev Hard, and Distilled have been remade out of scratch again (for better accuracy)
- Tuner Transformation has been remade by LunicAura!
- Restored Axis Motorsports black/white outline depending on It's color choice.
(check readme for more details on what changed/replaced)

V4 (hotfix(es):
Fixed a typo mistake to JIC MAGIC that wouldn't replace the original texture.

I won't make any promises when but as of 2022-2023, I plan on making another update in the future.
However, I won't give any date when this update will be done.
Among this update for the mod, other updates to my other mods are planned but as stated above, I can't promise when will be ready.

Ariso: Creator of NFS MW - HQ Window Decals.

MaxHowy: For creating Binary and making it possible to access Vectors from NFS: Carbon and ProStreet
nlgzrgn: For Unlimiter
Brewster Kahle: Wayback Machine
LunicAura: Additional help with remakes
elaymm4: For his 'Beta Content Mod' I took inspiration from the Beta decals that have been cut from the final game.
EA Black Box: Based on their original textures.
All brand companies: I do not make any money off this mod or any mod of mine, each one of them belongs to their owners.
KenjaMango & Vee: General assistance.
Vicius: Previously remade for me a bunch of the textures for the earliest versions of the mod.
By then, I made my remakes of the textures but the help still is appreciated

Q: Can I use your mod In a modpack?
A: Ask me first for permission, You are NOT however allowed to make any profit off my mod.
You can Message privately In NFSMods.

Q: Modloader?
A: No.

Q: Can I upload your mod to a different website?
A: No.


apprentice1914 (December 18, 2023 @ 23:16)
can you create 512px resolution? thanks pal!

Ariso (December 18, 2023 @ 12:28)
@xlukas - I genuinely apologize for deceiving
the mod should be installed from the Binary_Data_Install.end file instead.

How could I even slip this away? I am geniunely sorry, I promise I will change this in instructions
Thanks for the mentioning this btw, It really helps me.
In addition to that, I have other plans to update the mod in the future whilist trying to address other things but I can't promise when will that be.
I hope you will enjoy the mod till then

xlukas (December 16, 2023 @ 19:49)
Hi, I can't install this mod, I'm getting an error in Binary: "Endscript version was of invalid format, expected [VERSN1]" how do I fix it?

Ariso (April 15, 2023 @ 21:49)
@SomethingT no.

SomethingT (April 15, 2023 @ 15:57)
can i use this mod in my modpack?

Uploaded at: February 27, 2022 @ 18:05


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2bc060-NFS MW - HQ WINDOW (Size: 2.6MB) Old Version
eb75ef-NFS MW - HQ WINDOW (Size: 2.6MB) Old Version