E3 HUD Recreation by Weny47

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

E3 HUD Recreation


This mod recreates E3/Beta HUD with modified beta textures.

Removing rest of speedometer when car doesn't have nitrous installed
Fixed Alpha Channel
Optimized size somehow
Removed "Burnout Fairhaven" StartScreen I installed lmao

Mod is now expanded to E3 hud mod.
currently includes no crash cam texture mod.


Applied Texture for Non Pro Burn Nitrous
(Kinda broken, since i can't change animated texture's behavior yet. but looks fine if you don't look closely)


No "CRASHED" text mod is now optional due to file size.
Uploaded forgotten 0001.BNDL, which removes "CRASHED", "TAKEN DOWN" text. Thanks for notifying me Stamp05
Added New minimap texture. Not 100% accurate, but did best in retail's smaller minimap size. Using modified beta texture.


Replaced Speed Point(SP) Bar
Removed Easydrive icon, make sure to check all new races/jackspots to remove "NEW" text. I'm still trying to remove it.
Removed Loading Icon for further update
Improved No Crash Text mod, removed vignette, i might add letterbox to it by replacing vignette texture.
Replaced POIs with beta POIs
Little improvements to Minimap
Optional Beta Minimap road textures


New features

Changed Speed Camera text to white, and replaced with beta textures
New SpeedList/Speedpoints bar for Multiplayer
Glow on Speedometer, odometer removed
Speedometer, odometer color changed with beta version's value


Removed TAKEN DOWN text again
Brought back non-pro burn nitrous bar again
Adjusted Nitrous Bar a bit
Title logo is back

future plan:

Moving Speedometer to left side of nitrous bar
Some MP textures
Many UI textures like pursuit result UI

Betis for extracting beta jackspot icon, and testing rest of beta POIs
Danzeemanz for Crash Cam texture, Language file editing
Crayon Chewer for Beta Minimap road textures
SwiftZC33S for hex edit guide&helping for making SPEED CAMERA text white, removing glow from speedometer and changing its color


Weny47 (July 27, 2022 @ 10:14)
@Furious7C Yeah It's broken :(
But I already fixed it on next version with new features!

Furious7C (July 23, 2022 @ 06:14)
is the non pro nitrous supposed to be broken again or did i just install it wrong?

Weny47 (July 15, 2022 @ 10:18)
Yeah I'm gonna change mp elements and easydrive menus, little menus like pursuit result. but i'm not sure if i can make it because rl is getting busier and some menus work differently than beta. but im gonna try anyway.

EeManAGERA (July 15, 2022 @ 09:02)
some hud elements in mp are still not beta .
you gonna change whole hud in game like beta style ? i mean meny hud . easydrive hud . myltiplayers elements hud? like in Danz video NFSMW 2012 Alpha (Geldy)?
p.s - anyway even at this moment hud fcnkg sick . thx

Weny47 (July 03, 2022 @ 15:23)
Sure! I was about to replace POI icons like repair stations and player arrow after exam ends.

Uploaded at: March 10, 2022 @ 14:16


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a20d70-1.7.7z (Size: 233 bytes) Old Version
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