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Custom Music [NFS World]

Hello guys!

I followed this tutorial to replace the stock sounds with new ones. I highly recommend reading it if you're interested in adding your own music to the game. It walks you through the process of converting mp3 files to sns/snr files, and then installing them as addons (without replacing). To keep things simple, I decided instead to replace some of the stock songs with new ones.

Track Listing

FILENAME / Song Title
RACE_01 / rob zombie - dragula hot rod herman remix
RACE_02 / peking duk nicole millar - high original mix
RACE_03 / lab - lab beat the boys
RACE_04 / spiderbait - black betty
RACE_05 / central supply chain - the ever lasting
SAFEHOUSE / phoenix - armistice


  • Backup the music found at "Sounds\Music"
  • Override the "Music" folder with the one provided in this mod.

Instructions on how to convert mp3 files

  • Download ealayer3.
  • Copy ealayer3.exe to the folder with your music files
  • Shift+right-click on any empty space, and choose "open a command window here"
  • Execute this command to convert all your mp3 files in one go, or use the second if intend to convert a specific file :
    FOR /F "tokens=*" %G IN ('dir /b *.mp3') DO ealayer3 -E "%G" --two-files
    ealayer3 -E "your_song.mp3" --two-files

Hope it helps.


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