Uncensored & Restored Soundtrack by xGMVx

Category: Audio | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Uncensored & Restored Soundtrack


Current version: 1.01
Release date: April 6th, 2022

Hello there. Thanks for downloading my mod!

With this mod, every single song in the game will be their full, unedited and/or uncensored versions. It always bothered me how some of them get cut off so suddenly, especially the rap and hip-hop ones. As a bonus, some of them are straight from the newly remastered releases, such as Rise Against and The Bronx. All songs were sourced from 320kbps .mp3 files for max quality.


  • 1.00: First release
  • 1.01: Hotfix for "Cirrus - Back On A Mission" where it had nearly 3 minutes of silence after the song ended.


  • Download the .7z archive and extract it into your game's directory. If you can't open .7z archives, simply download the program, it's free.
  • You'll see 2 folders, pfdata and speech. Again make sure they are in the root of the game's install folder.
  • Now, rename or move your SDATA folder somewhere else.
    That's it. Now go check in-game, you'll notice Riders On The Storm will take a bit longer to start but that's just how the official remastered version Snoop Dogg's compilation album has it.
    Please report any issues regarding volume, perhaps crackling, or songs that don't skip. Personally I do have some minor crackling in Capone - I Need Speed but only when using my speakers (I'm on a 32" TV) but the crackling is gone once I use my headphones. If you also find the same issue, again, please report.

Credits and permissions

  • BadHairDay for their NFS U2 Music Importer.
  • MCO Music Importer by EA
  • You may not repackage this mod in any way or form without first asking me.
    Also feel free to join our Discord server, NFS Exclusive™️ access may be limited, however. https://discord.gg/t2xN6GEaJM



Donato64 (March 28, 2024 @ 14:24)
What volume did you use to import the songs?

dertester (January 16, 2024 @ 23:44)
Hello, I have a problem installing this mod.
I have absolutely no idea why it isn't working. The steps are so simple but it just doesn't work.
As you said, I moved both folders, pfdata and speech to the installation directory (it doesn't replace any folders) then renamed the SDATA folder. I launched the game but it played the normal, censored music?
I then moved the SDATA folder to the recycle bin but that didn't help either.
How is the game still playing the censored music, when SDATA is completely gone?

xGMVx (December 12, 2023 @ 13:57)
Thank everyone who commented and sorry for my abscence. A lot has happened. I will try to make a version of this with the cutscenes in Spanish, as per request of ATK116.
KiroteHikari, yep I'm aware, should've called the mod something else but I didn't know what to pick. Are you against the choice of songs in particular or?
And for anyone reading these, feel free to reach me on Discord @ lupusetflos, please.

KiroteHikari (November 01, 2023 @ 20:53)
while I like this mod, the version of Give It All in this mod is actually a B-Side version of the song, as well as the version of Scavenger being a version released a year before the one that's actually in the game. other than those two things, this mod is great!

ATK116 (September 07, 2023 @ 14:28)
I would like to keep the dialogues in Spanish, is it possible? likewise a great job with the mod

Uploaded at: April 06, 2022 @ 18:02