NFS Most Wanted : Ultimate Mod by Red Fire

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NFS Most Wanted : Ultimate Mod


This mod improves stuff from Most Wanted , I worked hard on it (though some stuff was easy af) and adds tiny things.

Mod changes:

Cops are now rougher in Heat 1-3 , though they can't catch up to you too easy.
Cops heat 1-3 now have roadblocks.
Cops heat 1-3 now place spikes in roadblocks.
Added BMW M3 E46 (i did my own fix) , download the model fix here :
Fixed Mazda RX8 Speed T , also it now costs 200k in car lot (uses bmwm3gtrcareerstart values).
Traffic and Cops will no longer crash the game if you collide into stuff (they'll still get immobile though).
Improved the Visual Treatment to a less "piss yellow" filter.
AI Racers are now lighter and you can flip them like in UG2.

You will need NFS Vlt-Ed to import this.

To install go to : File > Import > Modscript and select the file.


Mazakami (February 25, 2018 @ 07:37)
the archive is chanted.

RedFire (January 28, 2018 @ 23:43)
@IssacElite10 Well , afaik i always heard the M3 the same as always , and yea , i will try and make upgrades for the cops and bonus cars in the next version.

IsaacElite10 (January 26, 2018 @ 02:41)
I'm wrong, I correct, in fact the sound of the M3 GTR is the same to the Porshe 911

IsaacElite10 (January 26, 2018 @ 02:18)
I liked your mod, but there's something that bothers me, I do not know if it's a mistake or you decide to change the sound of the M3 GTR Racer, it's the same sound engine as the Ford Mustang GT, that does not make sense, I hope that the next version changes it, oh by the way, it is possible to improve the performance of other cars like the camaro ss, corvette C6.R, it would be great to see that, and even more police cars, I hope you see my comment, greetings

Uploaded at: January 23, 2018 @ 19:44