NFS Underground - Nuzlocke Challenge by Xan

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NFS Underground - Nuzlocke Challenge

NFS Underground - Nuzlocke Challenge
Can you beat the game with 1 life per car?
Are you ready for the Nuzlocke Challenge in NFS Underground?
Then this mod is for you!

What is this exactly?
This is a mod for NFS Underground which sets the rules of the Nuzlocke Challenge (or multiple lives) and applies them directly to the game code.
It minimally and seamlessly transforms the game into an arcade-type challenge with lives, timers and points.

OK, but what exactly is this so-called "Nuzlocke Challenge"?
If you aren't familiar with the term "Nuzlocke", then you may want to watch this video from KuruHS as an example
This challenge had been introduced in other games, not just Need for Speed.
For those that don't want to watch or can't, TLDW: 1 life per car. You lose a race, you lose the car permanently.

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