Manual IS300 Performance for Most Wanted by EmirGenc131

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Manual IS300 Performance for Most Wanted


The IS300 in the game uses the bulky 5-speed automatic transmission, which isn't a good choice for a beginner's car.
The car gains speed in highways, but loses too much speed in corners. This mod gives the car a slightly more realistic 5-speed manual performance. In this way, we get a car that is slightly lighter, has a lower top speed (205 km/h), but reaches this speed faster and handles it better in the corners.
Now the car feels like a Japanese car with tuning potential but limited by the factory. When you upgrade the engine, it gains an additional 400 RPM in line with the 2JZ-GE. Also this mod removes YAW_CONTROL which should not be on this car, I added some handling improvement to compensate for that. In addition, there is a mod that replaces the weight of all vanilla vehicles in the game with real-life values, the values ​​in the game are already close to real-life values.

Summary : An IS300 closer to real life performance, with a lower top speed, higher acceleration, lighter weight and better handling.

Known Bugs

In the car selection screen, the maximum speed bar of most vehicles are longer(especially for starter cars), there is no change in the values. According to my theory, the bar of other vehicles are measured according to the Lexus IS300.


1.0: First release version.
1.0.1: Fixed typos in mod page and added more detailed description with summary.
1.1: One new extra mod(lore friendly price), edited filenames and installer.nfsms file.
1.2: One new extra mod(Increased Motion Render).
1.2.1: Tire grip slightly nerfed(Still better than vanilla).
1.2.2: Fixed a description typo for Increased Motion Render in installer.nfsms.


1-Extract the zip file to desktop
2-Open VLT-ED(by nfsu360)
3-Click File->Open and select game directory
4-Click File->Import->ModScript(.nfsms)
5-Select script file from desktop
6-Click install button(Uninstall first if you already using an old version)
7-Press CTRL+S(or Press File->Save) and quit from VLT-ED

Thanks to

!Laur1sXd! for testing
You can found me on Rework Team server
Server Link:

If you want to use the mod in any of your projects, please contact me.


senpaidarken (April 12, 2022 @ 15:38)
Nice mod bro !

Uploaded at: April 11, 2022 @ 10:41

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