NCA (Noir Customs Asset) by EQUINOX

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NCA (Noir Customs Asset)

NOTE : Ill never able to make Hotfixes anymore due to it being Time consuming and Quite annoying to do. Ill post next Bug/Glitch Fixes on the Next Update Instead. For you that Already download the Mod Before and want to update it, you Can go to PATCH NOTES section Down Bellow download the Update and install it, or just download the new Version and let the mod Overide the old one and Make Sure you have the Correct NCA Version otherwise. there will be some missing Strings - NORU
This Mod itself Doesnt Really do Anything. Nca is an acronym for Noxu Carbon Assets, which is a great Library that are Consist of Premade Assets that aren't Avaiable in Base "X" Game.
Such as :
+ New Texture Sheets
+ Some Filler Strings
+ Camera Postition ~ For Extended Customization
+ 3D Model Assets Library ~ they aren't Included inside the mod but downloadable from Our Discord Server
And more in the Future....
they were meant to be only used for my mod but then i figure out to make it Open source. So that you guys can also use it, and not let it sit there in the Core game (if you installed one of my other mod) well i mean... you get the point.

Its pretty Eazy to do. All you need is Install the "INSTAL meh.end" file with Binary, and youre good to go.

Tool Required :

if you Find any Bug/glitch, Please Submit it on Our Discord Server Complete with Screenshots and How to Replicate the Glitch.

Update Log
Hotfix 2.1
  • + Added new Texture Sheet, MAGSTEEL and MAGSTEEL_N

  • + Added 2 New Texture Block, now These Texture Block holds the Extra Texture Sheets Rather than inside of the TEXTURE.BIN on each Car.
  • + Several New Aftermarket Strings and Branded Aftermarket Strings
  • + Added Refference Folder for Modders to Use.
  • + New Camera Position in additions to my mod
  • > Changed Several String Text and Label for Ease of Use Purposes.
  • Minor Missing String Fixes

  • Small Fixes on Certain Missing Arguments on instal.end file


amiata (May 01, 2022 @ 15:20)
oh, thanks for the response

Noru (May 01, 2022 @ 00:56)
Ignore the error for now. its something that has to do with the my Suki Vinyl. Imma fix it on the next update

amiata (April 30, 2022 @ 13:21)
File: install.end, Line: 10
Error: Collection named PRECOMP does not exist.
What does this mean?

Uploaded at: April 20, 2022 @ 10:56


c30f9f-NCA (2.1).zip (Size: 18.13MB) Latest Version
bc09cd-NCA (2.0).zip (Size: 10.4MB) Old Version
f82c86-NCA (1.1.0).rar (Size: 168.5KB) Old Version