NFS - Xtended Input by Xanvier

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NFS - Xtended Input

Need for Speed (MW & newer) - Xtended Input
This is a plugin for NFS games by Black Box (MW and newer only) which brings XInput support to the games!

You can find the latest releases here:
And the latest info on the main page here:

- Automatic UI and text swapping for button icons - dynamically detects when you use either a keyboard or a controller
- Choice between Xbox and PS4 icons (made by AeroWidescreen (Aero_) )
- Console control feature parity (except rumble): restored debug camera analog control
- Re-done keyboard input code - not using DInput8 anymore. Now talks directly over Win32 (GetAsyncKeyState or GetKeyboardState)
- Re-done mouse input - also using Win32 for mouse input (with auto hiding after 5 seconds)
- Optional - Win32 / OS mouse rendering with a custom cursor
- All game actions are now rebindable


Pirushu (August 14, 2022 @ 20:43)
Would it be possible to add vibration in the future? I had previously managed to enable it with Masahiko Morii's Force Feedback Driver, but now it seems to be permanently disabled and I can't even get into the in-game controls settings.

airoz75ua (April 24, 2022 @ 16:29)
Will there be something similar in Carbon or in other parts?

JOHN30011887 (April 24, 2022 @ 00:12)
This looks great so far, i did notice that in the video options when using an xbox controller the buttons are all gone, would it be possible to add them in and the press X for advanced please, since this is still wip you prob know about it but thought id mention it just incase its overlooked :)

Felixeur (April 22, 2022 @ 23:54)
This is awesome!!! This allows us controller users to use the brakes/gas at the same time to simulate left foot braking. It will be critical for my realism mod.


Uploaded at: April 22, 2022 @ 03:05