NFS - Xtended Input by Xanvier

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NFS - Xtended Input

Need for Speed (MW & newer) - Xtended Input
This is a plugin for NFS games by Black Box (MW and newer only) which brings XInput support to the games!

You can find the latest releases here:
And the latest info on the main page here:

- Automatic UI and text swapping for button icons - dynamically detects when you use either a keyboard or a controller
- Choice between Xbox and PS4 icons (made by AeroWidescreen (Aero_) )
- Console control feature parity (except rumble): restored debug camera analog control
- Re-done keyboard input code - not using DInput8 anymore. Now talks directly over Win32 (GetAsyncKeyState or GetKeyboardState)
- Re-done mouse input - also using Win32 for mouse input (with auto hiding after 5 seconds)
- Optional - Win32 / OS mouse rendering with a custom cursor
- All game actions are now rebindable


Guspr181 (May 20, 2023 @ 18:37)
Hey very nice mod :D, but it would be nice if in a future update you could add the function to load the controls direcly from the controls option in the menu of the game, because is confusing to having to configurate the controls in a .ini

FoC2007th (September 10, 2022 @ 03:56)
Disclaimer , you need DS4 for playing NFS on Dualshock 4 , if you don't know

Pirushu (August 14, 2022 @ 20:43)
Would it be possible to add vibration in the future? I had previously managed to enable it with Masahiko Morii's Force Feedback Driver, but now it seems to be permanently disabled and I can't even get into the in-game controls settings.

airoz75ua (April 24, 2022 @ 16:29)
Will there be something similar in Carbon or in other parts?

JOHN30011887 (April 24, 2022 @ 00:12)
This looks great so far, i did notice that in the video options when using an xbox controller the buttons are all gone, would it be possible to add them in and the press X for advanced please, since this is still wip you prob know about it but thought id mention it just incase its overlooked :)


Uploaded at: April 22, 2022 @ 03:05