4K Map Remake by XGAMER

Category: Maps/Tracks | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

4K Map Remake


-This is a Mod that improves the quality of the Carbon map, lowering considerably some color errors.
-The file is in a bad ARGB compression weighing 64.mb without mipmaps, in png 13.8mb.
-The reason for the bad compression is to avoid color errors as it happens with (DX1,DX3,DX5).
-Even if you have bad compression, there will be no bugs in the game.


-Colors of the reliefs synchronized, the map will not have shading due to banding problems.



-I left some very detailed instructions on how to install the mod.
-This is the initial version, the next ones will be better.


BMWM3IE46 (July 18, 2022 @ 08:46)
it should work in CBR @FoxyRezal

XGAMER (June 28, 2022 @ 21:43)
Interesting, you can tell me more about it here (XGΔMΞR#2060)

FoxyRezal (June 27, 2022 @ 13:26)
Hey bro does this work in CBR man if it does that's awesome

XGAMER (April 30, 2022 @ 22:15)
you can use AI upscale (bsrgan, gigapixel), but it would be better to recreate.

Klexster (April 30, 2022 @ 13:04)
Uff, if it's a lot of work for you, don't do it, it was a silly request for a little whim

Uploaded at: April 22, 2022 @ 17:20


7cc0d0-LINK.7z (Size: 208 bytes) Latest Version
b4cfa4-LINK.7z (Size: 208 bytes) Old Version
0d91ba-LINK.7z (Size: 208 bytes) Old Version