2010 Lexus LFA (Unlimiter v4 Supported Extended Customization) by InfinityMain

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2010 Lexus LFA (Unlimiter v4 Supported Extended Customization)

2010 Lexus LFA by InfinityMain, with Fresh Green stock paint finish

Converted to: NFS Most Wanted 2005

Converted From: NFS World (Freeroam SparkServer)

Addon (no replace)


Customization and tuning:

- 4 Bodykits (Nurburgring Package, Lowered front wide fenders from NFS World, default widebody from NFS World, custom-made SparkServer widebody)
- Spoilers (21 unique) (Works Conversion, Nurburgring Package, Stock Carbon, Deactivated Spoiler) (Also supports vanilla spoilers)
- 1 Hood (Carbon fiber variant of stock hood)
- Roof scoops
- Rims
- Roof (3 roof spoilers)
- Interior (15 colors)
- Headlights (15 colors)
- Taillights (15 colors)
- Brakes (15 colors)
- Side mirrors (carbon variant and remove option)
-Attachments (4 slots):
1. Rear window
2. Windshield Banner
3. Headlight style
4. License Plate Removal

- Performance
- Paint
- Vinyls
- Window tint
- Custom gauges
- License Plates
- Tires

Before reading any further, double check that you installed NFS Unlimter (3.0 or later, preferably the latest version) and Viper4K's global textures pack

The installation instructions are on the readMe file:

- No decals (I tried my best to implement them but they wouldn't show up)
- If there are any more bugs, let me know. I will try to fix them as soon as possible.
- Kits 2 and 4 still need damage scratches

Permissions Granted:
- Usage of the mod in repacks such as Redux, Pepega Mod, and other remasters.

EA and Black Box - Original mesh and textures
nfsu360 - NFS-VltEd and NFS Cartoolkit
nlgzrgn - NFSMW Unlimiter
MaxHwoy - Binary
KenjaMago - Performance Data (I tweaked the performance from that base vlt data, but used my own Binary endscripts instead of keeping the old one)
Desanosan24 and Aceofsquares3 - Helped me understand how to UV map
FreeRoam SparkServer - Additional body kit and spoiler customization not present in the base model.

Updates Log:
V 1.1:
- Added secondary logo (I didn't realize I forgot it)
- Made stock top speed more in line with its real world top speed.

V 1.2:
- Remove unused kits in DBModelParts to prevent ghosted AI cars.

V 1.3:
- Damage scratches for kits 0, 1, 3
- Reflection fixes for front left and front right windows
- Improved cornering stability and performance
- New debug map for additions included
- Stock rims compatible with customizable tires
- 5 custom paintable rims (all with customizable tires)
- Side mirror customizability
- 4 attachments in order: rear window, windshield banner, headlight style, license plate location


11yearold (June 25, 2022 @ 06:43)
this car is so fast it reaches above 280mph but this car is too unstable plz fix it

Uploaded at: April 26, 2022 @ 19:47