Remastered Modern Vinyl for Skyline R34 by MattSTS

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Remastered Modern Vinyl for Skyline R34

Remastered Modern Vinyl for Nissan Skylome

Made from scatch to resemble the paintjob from NFSU2 and Craig Lieberman's personal Skyline (AKA the 2F2F Skyline before the movie)

Inspired By

NFSU2 Tutorial Skyline

Craig Lieberman's Skyline

just use NFS TexEd or binary to replace Texture and Mask of any paintable two color vinyl with this one based on what
resolution you use (512px or 1024px).

Made to fit Zvott96/Skełeton's Nissan Skyline only, I can't guarantee it will work on any other modded Skyline

-Initial release


thanks to XGΔMΞR all the help and instructions!

1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34) by Zvott96/Skełeton:

NFSMW Recompiled Vinyls (512x / 1024x) by nlgzrgn:

NFS Tex Ed by nfsu360:


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