NFS Underground: Free Roam Mod BETA (Public Release v1.1) by hockeyguy731

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NFS Underground: Free Roam Mod BETA (Public Release v1.1)

NFS Underground: Free Roam Mod - BETA Version (Public Release v1.1)
By: hockeyguy731, konigsseg, BojanV03 and DennisStanistan
This version of the mod allows you to fully explore Olympic City.

v1.1 Patch Notes
-a MASSIVE optimization update, the trainer should no longer use so much RAM and CPU Usage

NOTE: This is still a BETA version, so there is bound to be some bugs.
*we recommend that you read the list of bugs and the rest of this document
prior to using the mod so unexpected things do not occur*
1. Ensure you are running the CORRECT game version.
i. You must be running v1.40. Preferably the US version.
ii. We are still experimenting with use with different region versions.

2. Go to your NFSU Installation directory.
If you did not manually change it, it will be under the following directories:
32-bit: Local Disk (C:), Program Files, EA Games
64-bit: Local Disk (C:), Program Files(x86), EA Games

2. Make a backup of your Speed.exe. Extract the Speed.exe from the archive to the folder.

3. Go to the GLOBAL folder and make a backup of the GLOBALB.BUN and GLOBALB.lzc.
Then, extract GLOBALB.BUN and GLOBAL.lzc from the archive to the folder.

4. Go to the TRACKS folder and extract the TRACKB1000.lzc and TEX1000TRACK.BIN from the archive to the folder.

5. Launch NFS Underground, go to Free Run and launch "Currently Selected Track." It is one behind Market Street.

6. Once the track loads, minimize the game and run the NFSU1 - Free Roam.exe.

7. You are then all set, you will be able to free roam Olympic City.
Below is a list of bugs that are currently known in this version:
-the map currently is NOT working
-grass spots missing in certain areas
-small portions of barriers remaining in certain areas
-all wall collision will randomly disappear
-some areas do not transition between tracks effectively without hitting
i.e. Invisible walls, etc.
-you will ALWAYS respawn in the area of Market Street
-game crashing while trying to load another track after using free roam
-game crashing after you end the race
-some roads are simply NOT accessible because they were never completed in the original game

Known problematic areas (map is included in the archive):
-The Fountain Area on Market Street
-There is lots of reappearing and disappearing invisible barriers in this area. Proceed with caution until we combat the bugs.
-If travelling west, stick to the left side of the road to proceed through the area without any issues.
-The North Area of the Sewer in Atlantica
-Driving West on the main road you will occasionally crash into an invisible wall.
-When driving west, sticking to the right-hand hand of the road usually eliminates the problem.
-The roads connecting National Rail and Port Royal (by the underground tunnel)
-Entering either of the roads at high speed will likely result in hitting invisible wall.
-The wall(s) usually disappear if you reverse and move forward again.
-The roads connecting Market Street and Terminal (close to street car area)
-Entering Market Street at high speed will likely result in hitting invisible wall.
-The wall usually disappears if you reverse and move forward again.
-The roads connecting Terminal and Olympic Square.
-The grass on the side road is NOT solid, you will be reset.
-The roads connecting Inner City and Olympic Square.
-There is left over portions of barriers on the side of the road.
-The Trapezoid looking area on the map.
-The wall collision is missing in some parts in this area

Even though the game should reset you back to solid ground.
We have added an emergency hotkey that will reload the road collision if your car gets stuck.
You likely will NOT have to use this, but it is there just in case you need it.

*if you find any bugs not listed here, please notify one of the staff members ASAP*

Future Plans for Project:
-add traffic routes, so traffic drives around the entire city
-add ability to be able to be reset in respect to the area you are driving in
-fix any collision-related issues
-complete unfinished roads in the city


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