Stage 4 Nitro By Default Cheat by Ogrady

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Stage 4 Nitro By Default Cheat


NFS ProStreet

Normally it's possible to have a car without nitrous at all, as all cars come without it. This mod changes default (stock nor upgraded equipped) and stock nitrous to use the stats of the Edelbrock and Nitrous Express stage 4 nitrous. Edelbrock burns slightly longer but has the least power, NX burns slightly shorter but has the most power and NOS is the exact median balance of the two, so not only do all cars come with nitrous pre-installed, including the DBR9 and Bugatti when using this cheat/mod, it is better than any of the normal upgrades.

This mod does not override any existing nitrous upgrades so if you want less nitros or the usual stats just install a nitrous upgrade normally. I only created this mod because cars come with nitrous in NFS Heat so I didn't feel the need to change anything else.

Use VLT to install.


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