New Ultra Intense Headlight Colors by SupraTurbo2JZ

Category: Cars Parts | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

New Ultra Intense Headlight Colors

I created some new headlight colors.

-Ultra Xenon
-Ultra Intense Red
-Ultra Intense Blue
-Ultra Intense Green
-Ultra Intense Yellow
-Ultra Intense Orange
-Ultra Intense Pink
-Ultra Intense Aqua
-Ultra Intense Purple

Added mod content to description
Added "uninstall" option

-Extract ZIP
-Open Binary v2.8.3
-Choose "User Mode"
-Choose "Setup.end"
-Save Files

If you have questions you can ask to me
My Discord Account: SupraTurbo2JZ#9275

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this mod.


SupraTurbo2JZ (June 08, 2022 @ 20:27)
@NightSkye i got it but i cant do anything because game doesnt allow anymore. i can just do that.

NightSkye (June 06, 2022 @ 18:05)
actually @SupraTurbo2JZ its a game limit of 100 items per menu or such as i counted all the neons with your neon mod and customization plus and noticed a few colors missing and with your headlight mod installed on top i have a few ultra colors only ones i noticed missing was the ultra purple.

SupraTurbo2JZ (June 01, 2022 @ 14:44)
@stopbreathing i tried now but i didn't see "your said issue". Did you create a new save? Cuz addon mods need a new saves.

stopbreathing (May 31, 2022 @ 19:50)
@SupraTurbo2JZ hi bro can you help me? your mods "DualColorPulse Unlimiter V3 Compatibility Version v2" and "New Ultra Intense Headlights v2" are not compatible with "Customization Plus" (neon colors disappear and only yours is displayed, only reinstalling "Customization Plus" helps / in this case your neon (colors) remain on the cars but they can no longer be found choose in the menu and put on the cars again.

SupraTurbo2JZ (May 29, 2022 @ 11:00)
@djnc97 thx dude!