Scout's NFSU2 UI Remaster [WIP] by BlackScout

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Scout's NFSU2 UI Remaster [WIP]


Update video

Need for Speed Underground 2 has aged, and so did its User Interface textures. Thanks to the Widescreen Fix made by ThirteenAG, the UI elements manage to fit perfectly in any screen format.
However, the HUD, Fonts and other Interface textures look really ugly due to their low resolution.

With that said, in 2018, I decided to start working on a UI Remaster for Need for Speed Underground 2.

The mod focuses on trying to replicate the original textures as closely as possible. However, due to limitations (which include the original resolution of the texture and lack of source bitmaps), some liberty has to be taken while I make the textures.

"Development" resumed in March 2021.


  • More frontend textures
  • Finished speed dials

Stay tuned!

Changes and Improvements

  • NOS Gauge
  • Radar Textures
  • Fonts
  • Interface elements
  • Map (Freeroam Career, Partial) [WIP 50% complete]
  • Speed Dials
  • And much more...


Instructions on how to install Scout's NFSU2 UI Remaster
  • Download and install Aero's NFS HD Content Support ->
  • Drag all folders and files except for this readme to the game's path.
    This version does not require TexMod unlike the previous ones.

Comparison Screenshots

Here are some comparison gifs. (I suggest opening them in another tab)

The difference is far more noticeable in-game.

Texture Comparisons


The radar map may be a bit tricky because there are dozens of textures.
Feel free to send me suggestions and complaints regarding the quality of the mod. There are a still a lot of adjustments to be made and hundreds of textures remaining.
The comparisons have tags on them because I don't want people to steal the textures ;)
The full scope of the mod is better seen in-game, most of the textures have been redone in 4x their original size.

Special Thanks to:

Aero_ for NFS HD Content Support (
Binary by maxhwoy (

Without Binary I wouldn't have thought of continuing this mod.
Aero's mod makes sure some of the textures work properly and in scale.


shahedkhazay (September 10, 2019 @ 16:37)
didn't worked for me

ICERIG (September 05, 2019 @ 18:22)
the whole map

ICERIG (September 05, 2019 @ 10:38)
The minimap looks amazing!
I hope u finish the hole map

ScorchLights (August 21, 2019 @ 07:12)
Hey i installed your mod it's very good but the map dosen't show the roads, is there a fix?

BlackScout (May 24, 2019 @ 02:55)
Whoa. I didn't realize this mod was showcased on a video. I'll edit the description to update everyone on its situation.


Uploaded at: February 10, 2018 @ 16:28