Project: RMK UI by XGAMER

Category: Interfaces | Game: Need for Speed: Underground

Project: RMK UI

This is a mod that brings UI textures recreated with Inkscape.
All English and Spanish fonts have been recreated (using similar fonts).
Fixed the stretching of the U1 logo present in Vanilla.
Cursor HD (thx Lunic Aura)
Buttons in good quality.

New Update: Added fonts for lower resolutions such as 1366x768 without being very, very sharp (Somewhat softened).
(Thanks Reameb for the great advice)

Maybe in future updates the other languages will be included.
If you find a bug please let me know.
To install it I recommend to use the Binary (Use Alt + U)


ceyhantaha (June 29, 2022 @ 08:18)
Ahh I'm addicted to this game my friend, I'm still playing it like crazy in the year 2022 and my suggestion is that if you open the special performance parts, it will become a legend, one day this game will come alive with better mods.

RealRaptoReX (May 27, 2022 @ 16:20)
Underground 1 is an awesome game and i replay it over and over again from time to time so it's awesome to see a project like this. I hope you can get to a perfect and complete mod one day so we can enjoy this game in a new fidelity! :)

Uploaded at: May 25, 2022 @ 02:24


265138-LINK.7z (Size: 208 bytes) Latest Version
7d7c8f-LINK.7z (Size: 208 bytes) Old Version
e93679-Textures.7z (Size: 3.55MB) Old Version