[NFS:C] [W2C] Story Mode - Fixes by Hydra45

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[NFS:C] [W2C] Story Mode - Fixes

Hello again, this mod will make the story mode to be compatible with W2C mod since the canyons are not added yet.

--// Version 1.2

- Removed the canyon rules from WOLF race
- Added ANGIE & DARIUS new races
- ANGIE canyon race is now a speedtrap race with time limit
- The duel with darius is removed, you will complete the game after you beat him in the circuit race
- Changed the canyon race from darius with other bosses in Ronnie sprint race from Most Wanted

Also if you want to make this mod more fun add these too:

--// Installation Guide v1.2

1. Open VltEd
2. Import the previous mod script and click uninstall
3. Save the changes
4. Import the new mod script and click Install
5. Save the changes and have fun

Known Things:

- Some barriers are still show the wrong directions (I was too lazy and didn't payed attention to them)
- Some missing barriers(Camden Beach) at the race duel with Angie
- Make sure you have only 1 save game, I tested the mod on 2 save games and the game is crashing when you defeated a boss (maybe it's only for me idk)

In the v1.2.1 I will fix all barriers and add the missing ones


Hydra (August 01, 2022 @ 12:01)
Of course there are no canyons bcs nfs world map don't have canyons💀

GJGamingBro (July 30, 2022 @ 21:10)
for some reason the Cross chase still has no canyon.