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UNITE Payback



- Updated cars that were missing stuff (particularly in the wheels, tires, and brakes department)

- Updated to version 2.0
- Grip loss is smoother and bugs related to it have been fixed to bring a much more enjoyable experience
- Steering has been revamped for smoother handling and better use of car grip
- Aero configs have been rebalanced resulting in better high speed stability in more balanced cars
- Inertia has been reworked to make cars feel more distinct from one another. Tuner cars should feel nimble while SUVs and pickups should feel heavy
- Car class changes:
- Offroad: Stock cars will keep their stock drivetrain until a certain upgrade level, where they will be switched to AWD
- Drag: Small improvement to their handling
- Drift: Brake to drift is now a tuning slider option

- Updated meshes of Rays wheels
- Updated tirebombs
- Updated license plates
- Added UNITE save icon
- New advertising across Fortune Valley
- Any textures that were missing mipmaps are now fixed; should ease up texture streaming
- Updated texture formats to help with memory budgets
- Updated character cards with ones from Payback's pre-load
- Fixed the custom taillights of the Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)

- Online Compatibility
- If you prefer exploring and racing through Fortune Valley with friends and randoms, install this optional mod
- This disables added cars to the dealer, Rays wheels, and reverts the wrap resolution to vanilla
- Whitewall Tires Mod
- Want that clean, classic look for the lowriders and hotrods? Install this to revert the whitewalls the way they were

- English patch for the main mod is now available
- Added and updated textures to go alongside it
- Say goodbye to Jake Paul and hello once again to Black Mamba. His Focus RS will no longer be a stain in Fortune Valley
- NOTE: Does not restore any of Gallo's voice lines regarding him
- Fixed game crashes due to roaming racers
- Reverted event restrictions for game balancing
- Tyler's Nissan Fairlady 240ZG should no longer be OP during the prologue races - should be a bit more of a challenge. After all, it is your entry to the House

- Updated rotor textures
- Fixed black backfire issue
- Fixed caliper text textures
- 4K Wraps no longer an add-on and made a part of the main mod
- Fixed the font scaling due to 4K wraps for inputted text for wraps
- Updated Pirelli and Goodyear tirebombs to fit better
- Custom tails for the S2000
- Fixed the red dot on the RX7 tails
- Added black Vorsteiner logo to rims
- Updated the Idler tirebomb

- Updated bait crate routes
- Cop performance changes
- Rhinos now enter bait crate chases
- Explorer cops now take damage
- Crown vics are in tier 3 chases
- Cop tweaks to the AI, bust time, and busting speeds

- Added Rachels 350Z, M3 GTR, and Unite R34 to the race dealer
- Added Mac's Bel Air to the off road dealer
- Added the HashTiger BRZ to the drift dealer
- Added Ravs Beetle to the offroad dealer and Tylers R34 and 240Z to the race dealer
- Tylers R34 is back as the prologue car and the UNITE R34 is a separate car you can still buy in the race dealer

- Teleporting to events disabled in order to resolve map clutter
- Able to mirror wraps for front, rear bumpers, windows, and top of the car
- Racer AI tweaked to be better
- Sound of certain cars has been tweaked


This mod is another addition to the UNITE family of mods for Need for Speed games. Coming up as the third in the collection, Need for Speed Payback, gets the UNITE treatment at last. Below is the list of things changed.


- As a standard of all UNITE mods, you now have the ability to remove parts on cars such as, hoods, front and taillights, spoilers, wing mirrors and bumpers. This comes with unrestricted customization, where you can apply mismatching parts together.

- Set of hidden or unused items such as additional calipers and tirebombs are now available.

- More license plates along with license plate frames are now available to pick and choose.

- (Add-on) Extended Stance Tuning allows you to customize the way your car looks by adjusting height, camber and track widths to new levels.

- Some of the cars have been equipped with improved custom taillights: RX7, NSX, R32, R34. as well as some other cars have received clear taillight options.

- The hidden KM4SH kit has been added to the BRZ, as well as other hidden parts for other cars.


- The upgrade system is no longer randomized, you have all the parts available to you adjusted to your car's current level. With this improvement come enhanced catch-up packs as well as conversion kits, which convert your car to any class you wish, race, drag, drift, off-road or speedx.


- Improved overall lighting, distant fog and draw distance.

- Higher quality textures, particularly garage and road textures.

- Dynamic shadows casted by street lights at night.

- More true-to-life nighttime.

- Better car reflections.

- (Add-on) 4K liveries for cars, improving the over quality of wraps.

- Payback Beta inspired speedometer.

- New garage wall art.

- New, more immersive city and billboard adverts.

- Replaced some of the stickers withing the game to manufacturer brands and other related textures.


- New sounds for the following cars:
- Aston Martin DB11 (MW12 Sound)
- BMW M3 E46 (MW12 Sound)
- Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (MW12 Sound)
- Dodge Charger (MW12 Sound)
- Lamborghini Aventador (MW12 Sound)
- Lamborghini Huracan (Heat Sound)
- Nissan 180SX (ProStreet Sound)
- Nissan 350Z ( Prostreet Sound)
- Nissan GTR (MW12 Sound)
- Nissian Silvia (GRID 2 Sound)
- Nissan Skyline R34 (GRID 2 Sound)

- Enhanced immersive wind sounds.

- Enhanced braking sounds.

- Improved and louder turbo sounds.


The Handling Overhaul has come to deliver a brand new experience to Payback, revamping aspects of the game that aren't just the handling.

When starting a new game please chose either normal or easy difficulty.

Car Classes:

Car classes are now a lot more unique compared to how they were in vanilla Payback.

Race: Tuned to perfection for racing tarmac, huge grip and improved braking so you don't have to put all your perks into brakes.

Offroad: Changes to offroad physics such as the removed speed limiter and the engaging driving style gives this class a much needed overhaul.

Drift: Removed the scripted drifting physics in favor of a semi-realistic drifting style, scoring huge scores is very much possible but only if you have the skills for it.

Drag: They now feature nearly double the power of any other car class, they got neck breaking acceleration and incredible top speed, at the cost of handling.

Runner: Simillar to the race class but heavier in order to combat the thugs and police you'll encounter on your way.

SpeedX: Hybrid of the drift and offroad class, capable of withstanding big jumps and getting huge drift angle.

Camera Changes:

Tweaks to the camera were done to improve the dull sense of speed that vanilla Payback has.

AI Tweaks:

The AI has been tweaked in order to work with the new physics, they get progressively more diffcult as the game progresses making your playthrough much more engaging the further you go.

Changes to the shop:

We completely overhauled the shop, added a lot more parts to the shop, stock parts were removed so only branded parts apear and parts with 3 perks are now avaible to buy.
Since you'll be purchasing more speedcards than before, we've also reduced their cost.


- Enhanced police AI.

- Improved roadblock positions.


- Enabled teleporting to any event on the map.

- New loading screens

- New intro and splash screen.










Special thanks to our testers:

And a big thank you to all of our Patrons that supported us throughout the process of development, and gave us feedback so that we could create the mod the community deserves.





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Felipao9008 (November 30, 2023 @ 20:35)
Yo, can u make Volk Racing Wheels mod from NFS 2015 in Payback? I wanna download it

skYwalker (October 20, 2023 @ 20:45)
Can someone help me download this file

Guspr181 (August 01, 2023 @ 23:51)
I really love this mod, the only major bad things that I could notice are the next ones:
1. The cops, they are really overpowered, I don't know if this was suposed to be like this or if it is a bug but they NEED to be nerfed of something.
2. The DOUBLE OR NOTHING mission is imposible to beat with the Handling Overhaul addon enabled, I needed to disable it in order to beat the mission.
3. Eddie's skyline is really stiff while turning, is almost unplayable.

bisquickpancakemix (February 28, 2023 @ 21:31)
So when will the cops in this mod with the unite handling be heavily, heavily nerfed ? I'm sorry but they're just extremely grossly overpowered. Its almost impossible to complete the runner missions, and if you do later in the game then it's absolutely pure luck. Amazing mod but the cops in this mod are awful because of how hard they are. They make most wanteds level 5 cops look like idiots.

mesarx (September 18, 2022 @ 22:15)
the mod is good and i hope in the future you will add the real inteior to the m3 gtr the one from nfsmw 2005

Uploaded at: May 31, 2022 @ 20:35


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