Car Sound for Traffic by takigosciu

Category: Sounds | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Car Sound for Traffic

So basically this mod gives the traffic cars at least a bit of their sound.
Every car (skipping the ones that are basically same car, but with livery/taxi/etc. and trucks) has a separate node right now (as of update 2.0 and further)

Instalation - Standard VltEd script instalation:

1. If you don't have already - download NFS VltEd from nfsu360's website, install it
2. Open the NFS Carbon game file (mostly NFSC.exe)
3. File>Import>ModScript
4. Choose the file you want to install (the .nfsms file)

Special thanks:
nfsu360 for NFS VltEd (4.5)

Update log:
1.0 - mod release
2.0 - Complete rework of the sounds and the fitment
2.01 - Bugfix update

To be implemented:
- Traffic horn bug fix (mod makes traffic have no horns right now)
- who knows :v


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Uploaded at: February 11, 2018 @ 14:52

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