Justice For Grilles - Audi TT Front Bumper Override by Bugattiman

Category: Car Parts | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Justice For Grilles - Audi TT Front Bumper Override

Justice For Grilles - Audi TT Front Bumper Mesh Override
by Bugattiman

This mod overrides 21 of the 25 aftermarket front bumpers of the Audi TT, adding a front grille to them.
It also makes an edit to the Orion and Squire 9 body kits

Installation is the old fashioned way - by navigating to your Underground 2 installation directory and
replacing the TT's GEOMETRY.bin file in CARS/TT with the one included in this zip file.
Make sure to make a backup copy of the vanilla GEOMETRY.bin file

This mod should be compatible with any mod, with the exception of other mesh overrides and car
mods which replace the Audi TT.


- Fixed the right exhaust facing upside down
- Fixed all issues with carbon materials

- Original release


- nfsu360 for NFS Car Toolkit

Terms and Conditions:

If you wish to modify this mod or use part of it in a mod pack, please ask for my permission first.
In the event that you are unable to contact me, it is okay to give me credit.

Thanks very much for downloading and enjoy the mod!


MisfortuneSeven (April 11, 2024 @ 06:08)
I'd love to see this on more cars that suffer from the grille delete problem like the G35.

Fred (August 07, 2022 @ 17:16)
the mod and great has an orion bumper which is beautiful and without the grille I started using it... however there is a bug that removes the carbon texture from the car hood fix this bug there
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SupraTurbo2JZ (June 23, 2022 @ 18:17)
@Bugattiman right exhaust turned upside down. this is need fix.

TastyCookie (June 18, 2022 @ 04:31)
Great work man, this mod just give me an idea that if is possible to restore all the symbols of others cars front bumpers and all turn signals for both front bumpers and back bumpers too..

BadHairDay (June 15, 2022 @ 13:05)
Excellent work!! This car really needed this

Uploaded at: June 14, 2022 @ 00:21