More Drift Cars by Ogrady

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed: ProStreet

More Drift Cars

5 existing non-driftable, non-RWD cars have drift mode enabled based on other already driftable RWD cars with this mod. The Skyline and RS4 were supposed to be original but getting the scoring to work well was difficult. There is already a mod by Johnny362000 with drift mode conversions for all cars that I believe are original. If you want all cars, install that first, found here:

The ideology behind the R8 is that it is experimental/prototype, hence why it is both pre-upgraded and AWD. As a DLC and the only AWD drift car, you can freely pick it up whenever and basically win any drift event by accelerating and handbraking at the same time. It is unnecessarily OP. Also it doesn't have a blueprint included because it is very broken and the only customisation I use is stage 3 nitrous, rims, and paint, so not really worth sharing.

Links to necessary tools in the readme, as well as a readable copy of the modscript. If you don't want all of the cars, just copy the lines for the cars you do want into VLTed and execute.


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