Heat Gameplay Improvements by FenrirTheGray

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Heat Gameplay Improvements


A mod that intends to make the game more fun to play.
You can now battle it out with cops without fearing that two-three cop hits will take you out. Not only can you now hit them back, you will also be properly rewarded for that!
But be careful, cops don't like getting hit either. Heat will build up faster if you take them down!

Progression has been changed as well to a more linear system.
Instead of a rapid career start with a hard grind waiting for you at the end, you now get to enjoy a proper amount of every part of the game.

Credits have been increased throughout the levels as well.
In the later parts of the game (especially after you hit level 50), you will be making a good amount of cash.
This means you are actually able to have some fun with building and trying out different cars, while still being balanced progression wise.

Cash Changes:
- Adjusted Race Cash Rewards
- Adjusted High Heat Event Cash Rewards
- Adjusted Challenge List Cash Rewards
- Adjusted Cash Rewards for Activities

Cop Changes:
- Adjusted Busting Time
- Adjusted Killswitch Time
- Adjusted Chase Rep and Heat Rewards
- Adjusted Out of Bounds Damage
- Adjusted Cop HP

General Changes:
- Active Items Buff - Killswitch Jammer
- Active Items Buff - Health Refill
- Active Items Buff - NOS Refill
- Passive Items Buff - Damage Increase
- Passive Items Buff - Damage Decrease
- Adjusted Gas Station Max Usage Count
- Adjusted Player HP

Rep Changes:
- Adjusted Race Rep Rewards
- Adjusted High Heat Event Rep Rewards
- Adjusted Challenge List Rep Rewards
- Adjusted Rep Rewards for Activities
- Adjusted XP and Leveling systems
- Adjusted Maximum Rep per night

- Compatible with the UNITE mod, however not balanced for it. Make sure that this mod comes after UNITE in the load order.

- Mod contains a complete .fbmod file that has all the changes in one package.
If you'd prefer to use only some parts of this mod, mod also contains a folder with partial packages.
Contents of each package you can find above (in the changes section) or in the description of the package itself (when opened in Frosty MM).

- Install Frosty Mod Manager (you can find instructions for how to do this on Unite's Discord Server)
- Install DatapathFixPlugin (closely follow the install instructions on the GitHub page)
- Extract the zip file anywhere, so that you can see the .fbmod file
- Press the Add Mod(s) button, locate the previously mentioned .fbmod file, select it and press the Open button
- Press the Apply Mod(s) button
- Press the Launch button to start the game

Change Log:

- Made Partial mods in a separate folder for people who prefer to use only parts of this mod
- Adjusted cash rewards per race
- Adjusted Rep Cap per night
- Refined the Leveling and XP systems in order to prevent players from going from level 1 to level 50 in one night
- Bug Fix: Player no longer randomly levels up by 2 levels

- Reworked XP system for early levels (Thanks to KuruHS for the feedback)
- Increased REP Cap per night
- Increased REP gain per race
- Adjusted Kill Switch time
- Adjusted Busting time
- Further increase to Player HP
- Strength of Active Items and Passive Items increased
- Slightly adjusted Cop HP

- Increased starting cash rewards (thanks for the feedback)
- Adjusted Heat level generation and rewards to fix some Night mode bugs

- Initial Release

1) It is recommended to start a new save when applying this mod.
While it can work with existing saves, something might break.
2) If you are unable to start the mod correctly, try giving Admin permissions to the EA App, NFS Heat and Mod Manager executables.

- Tested with EA App version of the Need for Speed Heat

Known Issues:
- HP changes do not work in Online Multiplayer mode (Unfixable, as it is server side checked), UI will report that the car is at low of HP as soon as you leave the garage (even tho you are really at Default Max HP)


FenrirTheGray (August 23, 2023 @ 19:38)
Hey @BL4CK , I've been away for a while, sorry for the late response.
There is a workaround! I've updated the description with new installation steps.
Try them out.

BL4CK (June 18, 2023 @ 00:38)
The mod doesn't work anymore as origin has been discontinued and we're forced to use the EA App, is this mod discontinued as well? or is there a workaround?
Thank you.

FenrirTheGray (September 06, 2022 @ 16:11)
@airriderz15 Thank you for the endorsment!

airriderz15 (September 06, 2022 @ 03:04)
Thanks for your work man, this is the best most balanced cop mod for heat!

FenrirTheGray (August 03, 2022 @ 16:21)
@Zephyr4040404 Thanks for the feedback!

Uploaded at: June 14, 2022 @ 07:53


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4caf9b-HeatGameplayImprovements.zip (Size: 142.95KB) Old Version
0c1d63-HeatGameplayImprovements.zip (Size: 44.14KB) Old Version