Rivals E3 by GrabussPC

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Rivals E3

Discord: https://discord.gg/qMnvE6en9x

- If you want to play this mod, Download Frosty Mod Manager. link:


- Now the Gallardo LP 560-4 & Aventador 700-4 undercover cop cars are available in the Racer Hideout
- New Engine Sound for: F12, Aventador, Agera R & GT-R
- New E3 license plate Racer/Cop texture
- "Car Repaired" & "Vehicle Damage Critical" E3 Computer voice has been added
- EMP impact effect is stronger after you get hit
- Added increment time on losing target (EMP)
- Added E3 NOS (Racer)
- New HUD textures for Racer & Cop
- New Sheriff Cop vinyl for Enforcers
- Extended damage model for all non-DLC cars
- AI Racers are now harder and more aggressive
- Ultimate Cop Pre-Order Pack is now available, now you can use Nissan GT-R variants
- After getting busted, the bottom text says: "Relocating to nearest Hideout"
- before you go head to head with the player or AI you will see the text "Challenge"
- When you are in a hideout or command post, the text in the lower-left corner will say: Exit Garage
- New E3 bottom texts during the chase and when the chase will be over:
(Racer) "Suspect has evaded pursuit, return to duty"
(Cop) "Suspect is escaping...", "Suspect arrested, other units stand down", "Suspect has evaded pursuit, return to duty"
- New "Escaping" E3 Color
- New Police Lights Flares

What To Do:

*Fix the Aventador Engine Sound
*Change the pursuit tech HUD positions in cop & racer
*Change the main car camera position
*Change the Hideout theme
*Change the font texts
*Change traffic headlight textures
*Change the map texture
*Make the escape cooldown start differently
*Make the roads wetter in coastal and forest
*Make it possible to reach level 99
*Bring back the traffic texture shown on the mini-map
*Add E3 loading screen textures
*Add E3 NOS & Turbo sound
*Add E3 tire wet mark texture
*Add more E3 pursuit tech computer sounds
*Add dynamic shadows everywhere
*Alter the speed of police siren animations
*Change cop liveries
*Change streetlight textures in coastal and forest area
*Change mini map cop texture for AI and players
*Change other textures in general
*Improve the cop hud
*Try to recreate the graphics that will be accurate from E3


GrabussPC (May 01, 2024 @ 15:35)
@fiswet Hi, but why do you want this? This mod applies to E3 content. The AI pace and behavior are the same as in E3 and will remain that way for obvious reasons.

fiswet (April 30, 2024 @ 21:23)
If possible could you make a version that doesn't have the AI changes or include the .fbproject files so other users can do it themselves

ModdingKitty (August 15, 2022 @ 01:08)
Could you please provide an example of the new police light flares?


Uploaded at: July 15, 2022 @ 17:44