Improved Completed Race Reward by Reameb

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Improved Completed Race Reward

This simple script changes the cash reward of completed races from 500 to 5,000, so you can now keep earning considerable amount of cash after beating career mode.

1.-Unzip the file.
2.-Open NFS-VltEd 4.5 [Download it at:]
3.-Go to "file" then "open" and search for your NFS Carbon root directory.
4.-Go to "file" then "import" then click "ModScript" and look for the Install.nfsms file from this mod.
5.-Click the install button, you can check the description too.
6.-Once installation of the script is completed, go to "file" then "save", when saving is completed you can close NFS-VltEd.

Optional: Edit the file "settings.nfsms" with notepad and change "5000" to any value you want to change it.
Thanks to nfsu360 for NFS VltEd 4.5 and Black Box for an amazing game.


DnRxViking (October 19, 2020 @ 19:13)
Excellent QoL mod that does exactly what it says with 0 drama. Really hard to come by these days.

Reameb (February 18, 2018 @ 20:34)
Pretty sure it is, i can check it out later :^)

MattSTS (February 18, 2018 @ 19:24)
I've been waiting for a mod like this for a long time, Thanks!
Is there a way to increase the chances of crews attacking your turf? (and to make it still happen after you get all the turfs?)