Cross' Corvette "MW05" by LoodyGawra

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

Cross' Corvette "MW05"

Cross' Chevrolet Corvette "MW05"

*BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE INSTALLING MY MOD* (as i myself do not have original ones)

1. backup your own files,
2. Just copy paste .bndl files into "Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012\VEHICLES"

*entire model ripped straight from MW05
*better wheels, LO uses vanilla ones cuz idk how to hex edit them
*license plate from MW05
*upscaled vinyl and improved both taillight and headlight
*taillights look white during daytime in certain angles, i really have no clue how to fix that as of now, in future i plan to fix it
*includes both HI and LO .bndl's

*BlackBox for NFSMW05 car model
*Nivsayz for better wheels
*BinkoJ for his amazing tool without which such mod would be impossible


JeffBezos2002 (August 09, 2022 @ 14:41)
hi is it possible if you could make a srt hell cat dodge chager?

LoodyGawra (July 31, 2022 @ 17:12)
thx for reminding me, I'll make that as well at some point

RzrGhost (July 31, 2022 @ 05:37)
NICE. Now I only wait for MW beta cross, the one in the intro. Ofc with the Corvette C6.R and not like in picture. Or Carbon's bounty hunter Cross. I'm hopium lol

Uploaded at: July 30, 2022 @ 14:19