NFSMW Addon Car Sound Pack by Faderia

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NFSMW Addon Car Sound Pack

NFSMW Addon Car Sound Pack (v2.0.0)

EN: This mod adds new car sounds from other NFS games such as ProStreet, Undercover, World and Hot Pursuit 2010 and also the shift patterns from NFS Carbon.

  • To install the mod, select the car sounds you want to install from the scripts folder, and then click Install. After that, copy all the gin files on the sounds folder to the game's SOUND\ENGINE folder.

  • To uninstall the mod, click Tools and Restore backups to return the game to its vanilla state, or if you have backups of the 4 files below, just replace the modded files with the backups.

  • It is strongly recommended to make backups of the "attributes.bin", "FE_ATTRIB.bin", "gameplay.bin" and "gameplay.lzc" files.

  • You can also apply some of these sounds on the cars by importing the "bettersounds.nfsms" script in the scripts folder.

  • "uninstall.nfsms" will only uninstal the "bettersounds.nfsms" script and NFSC shift patterns.

Don't forget to press CTRL+S after installing!

TR: Bu mod ProStreet, Undercover, World ve Hot Pursuit 2010 gibi diğer NFS oyunlarındaki araba seslerini ve NFS Carbon vites seslerini bu oyuna ekler.

  • Modu yüklemek için, yüklemek istediğiniz sesleri scripts klasöründen seçip, Install'a tıklayın. Ardından, sounds klasöründeki bütün gin dosyalarını oyun klasörünün içindeki SOUND\ENGINE klasrüne kopyalayın.

  • Modu kaldırmak için, Tools kısmından Restore backups'u seçin ve gelen uyarıya onay verin, veya aşağıdaki 4 dosyanın yedeğine sahipseniz modlu dosyaları yedeklerle değiştirin.

  • Modu yüklemeden önce "attributes.bin", "FE_ATTRIB.bin", "gameplay.bin" ve "gameplay.lzc" dosyalarının yedeğini almanız şiddetle tavsiye edilir.

  • Modu yükledikten sonra moda ait bazı sesleri araçlara uygulamak için scripts klasöründeki bettersounds.nfsms'yi import edebilirsiniz.

  • "uninstall.nfsms" scripti sadece uygulanan sesleri araçlardan kaldıracak ve NFSC vites seslerini kaldıracaktır.

    Modu yükledikten sonra CTRL+S yapmayı unutmayın!

    Known bugs;
    NFS Heat sounds didn't work in the game, so they're cancelled
    "exotic_auto_2" and "exotic_auto_3" has a weird RPM bug, use "tuner_2" and "tuner_3" instead

    Credits goes to;
    Black Box and Criterion for the original sound files
    RaTT for converting the PS/UC/World sounds to .gin
    nfsu360 for NFS-VltEd 4.6
    Faderia (me) for making this mod

    Future plans about the mod;
    The turbo sounds from ProStreet/Undercover/World will be added

    Mod review by rybetasz (nerepl1):


KenjaMago (March 07, 2023 @ 15:49)
interesting car sounds mod
but theres something that're missing on this one

maybe you could try to include "toy_mr2_a", "chry_srt8", more ferrari sounds (maybe an aggressive ver of "fer_360_a", any other v12 ferrari sounds are welcome), a v10 ver of bmw_m5, an actual 5 pot engineadio for the likes of volvo & ford focus rs, etc

and some sounds needs to be properly readjusted once more (some of them had their RPM too high)

senpaidarken (January 29, 2023 @ 13:12)
@KenjaMago yep there was a typo that is now fixed

KenjaMago (January 21, 2023 @ 12:03)
i think there's a slight typo on RX8's final upgrades engineaudio

"update_field pvehicle rx8 engineaudio[2] Collection maz_rx8_d"

"maz_rx8_d" is mispelled/typo'ed as "max_rx8_d"

William (August 13, 2022 @ 20:28)
Pray tell which sounds for which car, are included here. It would help a ton.

senpaidarken (August 07, 2022 @ 22:53)
@SemKill I didn't test this mod with Redux but it should be compatible with that.